Fundamentals of Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

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The purpose of the Fundamentals of Medical Billing & Coding Certificate program is to prepare students for employment in the area of healthcare. Through this program, students will acquire the skills and competencies for an entry level position in the medical environment. The certificate program includes areas in healthcare, such as front office, entry level medical billing and coding, and medical records management. The certificate program will prepare many students in different entry level job roles including:

  1. Medical front office personnel
  2. Medical billing representative
  3. Medical coding representative
  4. Medical records clerk

This certification prepares students to assume entry level medical office duties and responsibilities. It also prepares students for career advancement and training in the use of current computer application programs, medical/hospital billing procedures and medical records procedures. The program provides basic skills that promote success in the workplace. Typical entry level positions include medical clerk, medical coder, medical office assistant, billing clerk and medical office staff.