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Psychology (M033612G)

The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer prepares students to transfer into the CSU system. Students completing the Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer will receive a strong, basic foundation in core areas of the discipline. Students interested in transferring and/or completing an Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree should meet with a counselor to determine the coursework necessary to complete the requirements for general education and for the major.

Program Learning Outcomes – Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Complete a variety of course offerings to graduate with an AA degree or transfer to universities;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills necessary to assess real world issues and the various perspectives on them;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills by reading primary and secondary source material, discussing course content, and writing one or more papers;
  • Apply the diverse assumptions and values that shape our experiences and or/attitudes of the world.
MATH 227 Statistics 4
PSYCH 001 Gneral Psychology I 3
PSYCH 074 Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences 3
List A: Select one (1) course: 3-5
BIOLOGY 003 Introduction to Biology  
or BIOLOGY 006 General Biology I  
PSYCH 002 Biological Psychology  
List B: Select one (1) course: 3
CH DEV 001 Child Growth and Development  
PSYCH 041 Life Span Psycology  
or Any List A course not already used
List C: Select one (1) course: 3
ENGLISH 102 Reading and Composition II  
or ENGLISH 103 Composition and Critical Thinking  
PHILOS 006 Logic in Practice  
PSYCH 013 Social Psychology  
PSYCH 014 Abnormal Psychology  
PSYCH 052 Psycological Aaspects of Human Sexuality  
PSYCH 090 Introduction to Counseling  
Soc 001 Introduction to Sociology  
or Any List A course not already used
Total 19-21

NOTE: A minimum of 60 units and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher must be completed to earn the Associate Degree. Major courses must each be completed with a grade of C or better. Always consult a counselor for information on program and graduation requirements, residency requirements and transfer information.

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