Healthcare worker holding an EKG paper with a patient

Electrocardiography Technician

The EKG Technician Training Program prepares students to gain the necessary skills required to work as entry-level EKG Technicians in healthcare settings. Students learn and practice the fundamental skills related to operating the EKG machine. Topics include EKG interpretation, medical disease processes, cardiac medications, medical and legal aspects of patient contact, the normal anatomy of the chest wall for proper lead placement, 12-lead placement and other EKG practices, echocardiography, Holter monitoring preparation, stress testing preparation, identification of emergencies, and appropriate interventions, use of an AED, safety, and prevention of disease transmission.

Courses required to receive the Certificate of Completion and be eligible to take the National EKG Technician exam:

EKG Technician (VOC ED384CE) and First Aid and Basic CPR Training (VOC ED353CE)

And high school diploma or GED

Program length: 1 semester (Fall or Spring)

Registration Process:

(Use this registration process link and follow steps 1 (noncredit), 2, and 6 to register for the two courses.)

Follow the steps below to register for the courses:

Step #1: Apply

Apply and be admitted to Los Angeles Mission College. Upon admission to the college, you will be assigned a Student ID number and a student email account.  You will need these to register for the courses.

Use this link to apply (Non-Credit Application)

Step #2: Register

  1. Log into the Student Portal
  2. Click on "Manage Classes"
  3. Click on "Class Search and Enroll" and Select Term
  4. Search for a Class and Click on “>” then select a class and click “>
  5. On the top right-hand corner, click on “Next
  6. Click “Accept” then on the next page, select Enroll and Submit

If you see a Green Check Mark, you have successfully enrolled.

Course Schedule:

Use the course search link and enter the semester (Fall or Spring), campus (Los Angeles Mission College), and Subject (VOC ED). Scroll down to find the schedules for EKG Technician (VOC ED384CE) and First Aid and Basic CPR Training (VOC ED353CE).

Program location: 13420 Van Nuys Blvd., Pacoima

Contact info:
Allied Health Office Instructional Building 2015
(818) 833-3428

Senior Office Assistant Crescentia Muljawan 

(818) 833-3428

Chair of Life Sciences Department
Stephen Brown, Ph.D.
(818) 364-7665

Vice Chair of Life Sciences Department

Par Mohammadian, RPh, PhD,
(818) 833-3424

Aracely Molina, CNA Program Director
(818) 833-3436

Link to Pathway

Additional information

The EKG Program accepts a maximum of 20 students each semester. 

Attendance is mandatory.

On an average, students need two to three hours of outside study for each hour in class.

The free rental textbook will be provided on the first day of class.

The Adult and Basic Skills Education program at Los Angeles Mission College provides FREE classes to the community to help students improve basic skills and achieve their educational goals.

State exam fee: Please check the NHA website