STEM, Health, and Fitness Pathway

Are you interested in science, computers and information technology, engineering, and math?
Do you want to become a vital part of the healthcare industry?
Do you enjoy fitness and healthy living?

We offer 53 certificates & degrees that can help you start a new and rewarding career.

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Every Los Angeles Mission College student has access to a success coach to support you throughout your educational journey. Our coaches can assist you with any question you may have about your chosen Pathway, and they can also help with financial aid, admissions & records, and enrolling in classes.

Estefani Sanson
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STEM, Health, and Fitness Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate Additional Requirements
Academic Readiness C
Academic Readiness, Bilingual GED Preparation C
Advanced Math Application C
Algebra I C
Basic Math Application C
Biology AS-T AS
Biotechnology AS
Biotechnology Lab Assistant C
Biotechnology Research Lab Assistant C
Business Calculus Preparation C
Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide C
Cloud Computing C SC
Community Dental Health Coordinator C
Computer Programmer AS C
Cyber Security Associate AS C SC
Engineering AS
Engineering Drafting Technician C
Engineering Technician Prep SC
Full Stack Developer AS C
Fundamentals of Medical Billing and Coding C
General Studies Natural Sciences AA
Geometry and Trigonometry Preparation C
Gerontology AA C
Health Occupations Fundamentals C
Health Science AS
Introduction to Construction Technologies C
Introduction to CSIT C
Kinesiology AA-T
Land Surveying Technician I C
Land Surveying Technician II C
Mathematics AS-T
Non-Traditional Leadership for Community Enhancement C
Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T
Nutrition and Food Skills C
Pathway to Citizenship C
Pharmacy Technician AS
Pharmacy Technician - Advanced C
Pharmacy Technician - Basic C
Precalculus Preparation C
Programming C SC
Robotics C
Social Media C
Statistics Skills and Preparation C
UCTP Chemistry AS-T
UCTP Physics AS-T