STEM, Health, and Fitness Pathway

STEM, Health, and Fitness Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate Additional Requirements
Academic Readiness C
Academic Readiness, Bilingual GED Preparation C
Advanced Math Application C
Algebra I C
Basic Math Application C
Biology AS-T AS
Biotechnology AS
Biotechnology Lab Assistant C
Biotechnology Research Lab Assistant C
Business Calculus Preparation C
Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide C
Cloud Computing C SC
Community Dental Health Coordinator C
Computer Programmer AS C
Cyber Security Associate AS C SC
Engineering AS
Engineering Drafting Technician C
Engineering Technician Prep SC
Full Stack Developer AS C
Fundamentals of Medical Billing and Coding C
General Studies Natural Sciences AA
Geometry and Trigonometry Preparation C
Gerontology AA C
Health Occupations Fundamentals C
Health Science AS
Introduction to Construction Technologies C
Introduction to CSIT C
Kinesiology AA-T
Land Surveying Technician I C
Land Surveying Technician II C
Mathematics AS-T
Non-Traditional Leadership for Community Enhancement C
Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T
Nutrition and Food Skills C
Pathway to Citizenship C
Pharmacy Technician AS
Pharmacy Technician - Advanced C
Pharmacy Technician - Basic C
Precalculus Preparation C
Programming C SC
Robotics C
Social Media C
Statistics Skills and Preparation C
UCTP Chemistry AS-T
UCTP Physics AS-T