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Bamdad Samii - Chair - Math, Computer Science and Engineering

Milan Samplewala - Vice Chair - Computer Science


Javier Rios - Full-Time Faculty - Computer Information System

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Computer Science at LAMC

Computer Science at Los Angeles Mission College is evolving to keep in pace with the technological standards. We are proud to offer programs for newly emerging technical jobs!

We offer Certificate of Achievements in Computer Programming, Cyber Security, Full Stack (Web Application) Development, Cloud Computing, Data Analyst, and Data Scientist. These certificates are ideal for professionals applying for technology jobs. Students may apply for internships, interview for entry-level IT positions, or advance towards earning an Associate, once they earn the certificate of achievement.

For high school graduates, we are working with high schools to create pathways to certificates and associate degrees.

Students in our program can take advantage of other events and activities where they acquire hands-on experience. We have a fully equipped lab for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC), which our new club, Mission X, will participate in. The well-established Robotecas club offers a unique service to our community by providing hardware and software solutions for personal computers in our neighboring area.

We encourage you to partake in this growing field by enrolling in Computer Science courses that have no prerequisite:

(formerly CO SCI 430 Data Analytics)

Prerequisite: None

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

Analytics and data-mining using Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.  The course includes: using databases, spreadsheets and other systems to gather information, research, analyze, and interpret complex data, loan amortization schedules, automatic update of spreadsheets with data downloaded from other sources, database management and reporting, and automating processes with VBA. Recommended for Business Majors.

(formerly CO SCI 450 Web Application Development)

Prerequisite: None

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

A beginning course where students will create web pages, set up personal or commercial web sites, upload to a web server that the class creates and use HTML as a foundation to JavaScript.

(formerly CO SCI 411 Cyber Security I)

Prerequisite: None

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

An introduction to the theory and practice of information security. The topics covered include Windows basics, Windows networking, accounts basics, threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, routes, domain name servers, workgroups, domains, servers, access control, authentication and basic cryptography and design of system defensive strategies.

Prerequisite: None

Corequisite: CO SCI 401 or CS 101.

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

This course introduces the fundamentals of cloud computing including the different cloud computing models: Infrastructure as a Service; Platform as a Service; and Software as a Service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Review of the basic concepts of server, networking, storage and virtualization is covered. Industry trends of computing, storage and application migration to cloud computing is covered. Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing are examined. Cloud careers and industry demand for cloud computing skills are listed.

(formerly CO SCI 434 Introduction to Oracle: SQL)

Prerequisite: None.

Advisories: CO SCI 430 or CIS 124

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

The student learns the concepts of both relational and object relational databases and the SQL language. Data server technology, creating and maintaining database objects, as well as storing, retrieving and manipulating data are also covered.

(formerly CO SCI 453 A+ Certification Preparation)

Prerequisite: None.

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

This course provides an introduction to troubleshooting and maintenance techniques for personal and laptop computers. The course provides the student with applicable knowledge in different hardware such as RAM, hard drives, and processors. A step by step approach is taken to operating system procedures used for maintaining and repairing personal computers. Some of these procedures include virus scan, program installation and removal, and Windows configurations.

formerly CO SCI 462 Programming in JavaScript)

Prerequisite: None

Advisory: CO SCI 450

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

Introduces JavaScript to Web developers with HTML and CSS background who want to create dynamic Web pages and to Server-side programmers who use languages like ASP, JSP, or PHP and would like to add JavaScript programming to their skill sets. Students integrate script elements, outputting to a web document, working with selections, repetition structures, writing functions; and accessibility to create dynamic web applications

Prerequisite: None

Lecture: 2 hrs, Lab: 2 hrs

Students will learn topics of the Python language such as data types, variables, control structures, Python Objects, standard and advanced mathematical libraries, tool-chain use and Python Frameworks, user-defined classes and abstract collections, single and multidimensional arrays, Python lists, tuples, collections, and dictionaries.

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