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At Los Angeles Mission College our goal is to move students forward. The Chemistry Department is no different. Our staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and move forward in their chosen career goals; as well as transfer to Universities such as UCLA, USC, U.C. Irvine, Caltech, Occidental, U.C. Santa Barbara, CSUN, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Davis and countless other Universities. Information for most of the classes we offer here at Mission College such as lecture notes and lab manuals can be found at ProfPaz. Another place students have is the Science Success Center (SSC) located on campus in the ​Health, Fitness and Athletics Complex (HFAC-108). Furthermore here at Mission we pride ourselves in making learning an interactive experience by inviting students to join discussions about their classes on course canvas shells. This gives students a chance to ask questions and get answers outside the confines of a classroom environment.

Faculty and Staff

-Mike Fenton, Ph.D./B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of California Los Angeles, M.B.A. University of California Los Angeles, Chair, LAMC Physical Science Department, Director of LAMC Honors Transfer Program, Co-Chair FHPC, LAMC Full-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Gayane Godjoian, Ph.D in Organic Chemistry University California Santa Cruz, LACCD Chemistry Discipline Chair, LAMC Full-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Said Pazirandeh, B.S./M.S. Chemistry San Diego State University, Vice Chair LAMC Chemistry Discipline, LAMC Full-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Robert Gellert, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry and Crystallography, USC. B.S. Immunology, USC, GCC Emeritus, LAMC Part-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Jesus Iniguez, LAMC Part-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Isaac Koh, Ph.D, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park, MS/BS, Chemical Technology, Seoul National University, LAMC Part-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Charles P. Mallory, M.S. Electrical Engineering California State University, Northridge, B.S. Chemistry California State University, Northridge, Course material also available at

-Anjum M. Quershi, M.S. Chemistry California State University, Northridge, B.S./M.Sc. Chemistry University of the Punjab, Pakistan, LAMC Part-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Brian Sullivan, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry and Photophysics, University of Southern California, B.S. Chemistry, California State University, Northridge, LAMC Part-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Dariush Vosooghi, Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Riverside, MSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA, MS, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology , Rapid City, South Dakota, LAMC Part-time Chemistry Faculty.

-Jose Lepe Full-time Laboratory Technician

-Alice Yoon Part-time Laboratory Techician

Course List


Prerequisite: Chem 101 with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Equivalent to CSUN Chemistry 102.
A continuation of Chemistry 101. Topics include kinetics, general, ionic, acid-base and
solubility equilibria, thermo-dynamics, electrochemistry, transition metals and introductory
organic nomenclature. Laboratory work reviews kinetics, equilibria, thermodynamics,
electro-chemistry and qualitative analysis of selected actions.
Syllabus and other related course material accessible at ProfPaz for 102.

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Chemistry Readiness Exam

The Chemistry Readiness Exam is offered to students that can demonstrate Chemistry knowledge consistent with enrolling in Chemistry 101.

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