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Associated Student Organization (ASO)


The Associated Student Organization (ASO) was established to provide students the opportunity for participation in student leadership and the development of skills in this area.

The objectives of ASO are:

  • to advocate for the rights and needs of all LAMC students and to address any concerns and/or issues thereof;
  • to support, raise awareness of, and promote cultural sensitivity and diversity;
  • and to promote educational opportunities contributive to a successful college experience (student services, educational events, and other beneficial programs)

ASO votes on issues relating to Los Angeles Mission College and the student body.

ASO Frequently Asked Questions

ASO meets on a weekly basis and is determined by the current ASO council. Date and Time is also decided by the current ASO council.

  • Beginning Fall 2019, the A.S.O fee will be $10.00 for Fall and Spring semester
  • A.S.O Fee will be $3.00 for Summer and Winter

  • Free Scantrons
  • Free Printing (10 per day)
  • LAMC Folder
  • Free Pencil or Pen
  • Internet Access
  • ASO T-Shirt
  • Free ASO Events
  • Join a School Club
  • Charter a School Club
  • Eligibility To Run For Office*

To all Los Angeles Mission College students—my name is Erandy Miranda Peregrino and I am your ASO President for the 2021-2022 school year. Previously, I served as your ASO Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year.

Throughout my experience, I have gained a greater knowledge in advocating and communicating with my peers especially in the distance learning environment. I plan to continue aiding ASO in assisting to improve student learning and life while attending LAMC, especially as we are transitioning coming back on campus this school year. As Vice President I worked on events such as virtual club rushes, providing aid for students struggling with food insecurities, and working on an ASO newsletter. I look forward to serving you as ASO President this term, I promise to be committed in this position and its responsibilities and be diligent in my work.

A little about myself—I am a nineteen-year-old Mexican American woman who was raised by a single mom who taught me the importance of an education by going back to school to finish her master’s degree. This is my second year at LAMC, majoring in Business Administration and Accounting. I have been part of the college since I was three years old by attending the Child Development daycare and being a former dual enrollment student in high school. The teachers, professors, and employers of my past have described me as a determined and diligent leader who is always working to provide support for
my peers. I am always open to your suggestions, comments, criticism, or conversation, so please contact me!

To the great things, we will do this year!
Erandy Miranda Peregrino


Contact Us

Office Hours and Location

Campus Services Building


Phone: (818) 364-7600 ext 7124

Mondays to Fridays: 9 am – 5 pm

Rodrigo Rivas Lainez:
ASO President | pronouns: He/Him/His
Phone: (818) 364-7764

Robert Crossley
ASO Advisor | pronouns: he/him/his
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 364-7820

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