The Student Complaint/Grievance Procedure is designed to provide a prompt and equitable means for resolving student complaints. Follow these instructions, depending on the type of complaint you have:


A general student complaint may be filed by a student who feels an action of a College staff member, office, or group violates an existing College rule, policy, or procedure or other local, state, or federal law. For general complaints, please follow the steps below.


Students that have a complaint should be encouraged to seek an informal remedy, as described in the steps below. The student is expected to complete the following steps before making a formal complaint.

  1. Meet with the person with whom the student has a complaint (whenever possible). If there is no resolution, proceed to step 2.
  2. Meet with that person's immediate supervisor. If there is no resolution, proceed to step 3.
  3. Meet with the appropriate college Administrator/Dean (see Chart One below). If there is no resolution, proceed to step 4.
  4. Meet with the area Vice President (see Chart Two below). If there still no resolution, proceed to General Complaints Step II Formal Resolution (below).

Contact Information

Student Services:

Dean Carlos Gonzalez –
Athletics, CALWORKs; Career Education Pathway (Title V HSI); Dream Resource Center; Financial Aid; Outreach & Recruitment; Welcome Center

Dean Austin Kemie –
Admissions & Records; ASO; Career Center; Basic Needs Center; College Culture Re-Entry Hub; College Promise; Transfer Center

Dean Ludi Villegas-Vidal –
Counseling; DSPS; EOPS; Care/CAFYES; International Students; TRiO; Veterans Resource Center

Academic Affairs:

Dean Marla Uliana–
Career & Workforce Education; Arts, Media & Performance; Business & Law; Child & Family Studies; Child Development Center; Instructional Counseling

Dean Sarah Master –
Institutional Research

Dean Fabiola Mora –
CASAS/ESL Assessment; Adult Education/Noncredit; English, Journalism, Communication Studies; ESL Credit/Noncredit, Linguistics, Sociology, and Foreign Languages; Library; Learning Resource Center

Dean Farisa Morales –
Math, Computer, Science, and Engineering; Life Sciences; Physical Sciences; Health & Human Performance; METAS; MESA

Dean Tara Ward-Thompson –
Dual Enrollment; Chicano Studies; Social Sciences; English, Journalism, Communication Studies; Linguistics, Sociology, Foreign Languages



Larry Resendez –
Vice President of Student Services

Laura Cantù –
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Vice President of Administrative Services



Students unable to resolve their complaint through the informal process outlined above, may file a formal complaint by completing and sending the following form:

E-55 Form for Final Grade Disputes only

Ombudsperson webpage for grade disputes

For all other disputes/complaints, complete one of the two following forms:

Online Student Complaint/Grievance Form


Contact Us

Academic Affairs Office: (818) 364-7635
Student Services Office: (818) 364-7766
Facility/Other Dept: (818) 364-7820
President's Office: (818) 364-7795