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Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

  • Your record is reviewed cumulatively at the end of each semester (fall, spring, summer):
    • The SAP calculation takes account of all courses taken within the nine LACCD colleges, regardless of when the courses were taken, and whether or not you received financial aid for those courses.
  • If cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and/or Pace of Progression (completion rate) standards are not met for two consecutive semesters the student will be disqualified from financial aid the following semester.
  • Students may petition their disqualification and have their financial aid reinstated by going through the petition process. Approval is not guaranteed.

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

  • To maintain financial aid eligibility, students must:
    • maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00or higher.
    • maintain a Pace of Progression rate of 66.50% or higher of all attempted units.
      • Attempted Units are all officially enrolled units not dropped before the published deadline.
    • not exceed 150% of number of units required for your academic program as stated on your record.
      • Example: An AA degree in Child Development requires 60 units. Students would be disqualified once they attempt 90 units.
      • Example: A Certificate in Computer Programmer requires 18 units. Students will be disqualified once they reach 27 attempted units.

Types of Petitions

  • Petition for Reinstatement
    • For students with a cumulative GPA and/or Pace of Progression below the standards.
  • Petition for Extension
    • For students exceeding 150% of the length of their major.
  • Combination Petition (Reinstatement and Extension)
    • Students who are in both categories described above.

Improving Your Academic Record

  • Repeat the courses you did not pass.
  • Fill out petition for repeated coursework and turn in to Admissions and Records.

Academic Renewal

  • This allows you to remove substandard grades from your GPA without repeating them.
  • Can remove a maximum of 30 units.
  • One year must have passed since the courses were taken.
  • Must have a 2.50 GPA in your last 15 units or a 2.00 GPA in your last 30 units.
  • Only classes taken in the LACCD with substandard grades can be removed.

Limitations on Financial Aid Eligibility

  • 600% limitation on Federal Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Usage (LEU)
    • Students are eligible to receive Pell Grant for up to 6 full time years (12 full time semesters).

The Petition Process: Petition for Reinstatement

  • If you are notified about being disqualified from financial aid due to GPA and/or Pace of Progression, you may submit a petition to be reinstated.
  • Answer all the questions thoroughly. Many petitions are denied as a result of incomplete forms:
    • Explain in detail the circumstances that prevented you from successfully completing your courses. Include an explanation for ALL substandard semesters – you can review your academic record by viewing your unofficial transcripts on your student portal.
      • When possible, provide supporting documentation such us doctor letters, death certificates, court documents, hospital records, police reports, etc. Use this documentation to back up your circumstances.
    • Explain in detail any changes you made that will help you to successfully attain your educational goal.
      • Explain how you resolved the issues that prevented your academic success – you may have reduced your work hours to focus better in your classes; you may have found childcare for your children; you bought a car that will allow you to be on time for your classes, etc.
  • This quiz meets the counseling requirement in the appeal process. If you have questions on your academic program, student educational plan, or other questions on your academic success please contact the Counseling Department.

The Result of Your Petitions

  • The average timeframe for a response on your petition is about 30 days but can take up to 45 calendar days.
    • There is a large influx of petitions submitted at the beginning of the semester. Be patient, the financial aid office receives over one thousand petitions each semester.
    • If approved, your petition may establish certain conditions.
    • You don’t have to petition in the future if you meet these conditions every semester after the petition or you meet the satisfactory academic policy standards.
    • The petition result notification will disclose the required conditions, which may include:
      • Complete your semesters with a 2.25 GPA.
      • Complete at least 75% of the classes attempted.
      • It may restrict the approval to only the classes required for your stated goal and major.
      • Other conditions deemed necessary by the committee.

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