Business, Law, and Public Safety Pathway

Business, Law, and Public Safety Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate Additional Requirements
Academic Readiness C
Academic Readiness, Bilingual GED Preparation C
Accounting AA C
Administration of Justice AS-T AS
Basic Police Academy Preparation SC
Business Administration AA
Business Administration 2.0 AS-T
Business Information Worker C
Competitive eSports Event Producer C
Crime Scene Technology SC
Digital Literacy C
Fundamentals of Medical Billing and Coding C
Job Readiness Skills C
Legal Assisting (Paralegal) AA C
Management AA
Non-Traditional Leadership for Community Enhancement C
Pathway to Citizenship C
Probation/Correction Officer C
Restaurant Management AA C SC
Retail Management (WAFC) C
Social Media C
Sustainable Small Business Development C
The Art and Practice of Conflict Resolution C