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LAMC Chemistry Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities for Chemistry Laboratory Technician


Go to the Chemistry Technician Laboratory (CMS 202) and ask for the application for volunteer services. Fill out Section 1 (Volunteer Application Information), Section 3 (Report of Convictions) and Section 4 (Signature and Date) and give the application to the Chemistry Laboratory Technician on duty. The technician will complete Section 2 of the application and return the form to the applying student. Take the completed application to administrative services located in the Campus Services Building (CS). Administrative Services will guide you in the completion of the process.


Applicant must have a recommendation from a college or university Physical Science or Life Science Faculty. Applicant must be eligible for Chemistry 101.

Learning Benefits:

The volunteer will learn how to prepare and dispense solutions and chemicals used for all lab classes, which may include acids, bases, buffers, and stains. Learn how to operate laboratory equipment such as balances, centrifuges, pH electrodes, spectrophotometers, and other equipment used in Chemistry courses.

Learn to maintain inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment.

Prepare and assemble equipment used in laboratory experiments and demonstrations.

Store supplies and equipment, and keep stockrooms and working areas clean and orderly.

Expectations of Volunteer:

  1. Volunteer work is divided into tiers & classes. The 2 tiers are based on the number of hours worked. Tier 1 volunteers work 10 hours per week while Tier 2 volunteers works 20 hours per week. The class type are based on the Chemistry courses passed. Class A volunteers have passed Chemistry 101 and Class B volunteers have passed Chemistry 102 or beyond. The Class designation determines the activities that a volunteer will be assigned.
  2. Each volunteer will have a set schedule per semester.
  3. Volunteers will be trained and as their productivity increases their assigned activities will be expanded.
  4. Schedules for each volunteer will be set up weekly so they know what they are expected to accomplish.
  5. Volunteers work will be evaluated (for quality of work, punctuality, etc.) and this information will be used to develop a letter of recommendation if requested.