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Child Development

The Child Development Program offers students:

  • Academic Programs
  • Career Preparation in the Child Development field

The Child Development Program meets the diverse needs of students:

  • Employment Preparation
  • Certificates
  • Associate of Arts Degree in Child Development
  • Early Childhood Education Associate of Science-Transfer (AS-T) Degree (transfer to 4-year university)
  • Child Development Permits issued by California Teacher Credentialing
  • Day, Evening, and Saturday courses available
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) courses available

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Certificate of Accomplishment (Skills Certificate) - 12 units

  • Certificate of Accomplishment in Child Development Administration
  • Certificate of Accomplishment in Family Child Care

Certificate of Achievement - 12 units Gainful Employment Disclosures

  • Child Development Core (meets requirements for Title 22)
  • Certificate of Achievement (Transfer) - 25 units

The Child Development Department offers a Transfer Certificate for the CSU system and/or to specialize in a specific area as listed below:

  • Child Development Certificate (CSU Transfer)

Specialization for AA Degree - 36 units each

Two Associate Degrees (60 units)

Options Available (Please see an advisor to discuss which option is best for you):

  • Associate in Arts Degree in Child Development - A minimum of 60 units
    • 36 units Certificate of Achievement in Child Development
    • 24 units of General Education Course
  • Early Childhood Education Transfer Model Degree - A minimum of 60 units
    • This transfer degree will allow students to transfer to a CSU as a Child Development, Human Development, and Early Childhood Education or related major.
    • 25 units Certificate of Achievement in Child Development
    • 35 units in General Education Courses

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Department Chair
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Department Vice-Chair
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Diane Stein
Child Development Center Director
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Richard Lam
Department Secretary
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Veronica Allen
Education and Child Development Faculty
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Ivet Bazikyan
Family and Consumer Studies Faculty
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Emily Bill
Psychology Faculty
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Lilamani De Silva
Child Development Faculty
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Rita Grigoryan
Child Development Faculty
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Dr. Christopher Williams
Psychology Faculty
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