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If you took a U.S. history course outside of California, make certain you meet the California State and local government transfer requirements to the California State Universities as listed below. Please consult with a counselor or a history instructor.

U.S.-1 History – HISTORY 011, 012, AFRO AM 004, CHICANO 008, ECON 010
U.S.-2 Constitution – POL SCI 001
U.S.-3 State and local government – POL SCI 001


Prerequisite: MATH 115 or 123B | Lecture: 3 hrs
Introductory course in the principles of microeconomic theory, including economic analysis of the firm and resource allocation; analysis of the laws of supply and demand; market structures of the American economy; price theory; current domestic economic issues.

Prerequisite: MATH 115 or 123B | Lecture: 3 hrs
Introductory course in the principles of macroeconomic theory. Measurement of aggregate economic performance, including GNP and national income, money and banking business cycle, role of government and the Federal Reserve System (fiscal and monetary policies), economic growth and stability, international trade, and economics of under development are covered in this course.

Prerequisite: None | Lecture: 3 hrs
Historical development of the United States: its origins, modification and performance. The relationship to political economics and history in the US. Technology, ethnic groups, major social/economic groups and geographic development as they influence the economic history of the U.S. The social changes, social movements, internal and external relationships of the United States.

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