Bachelor of Science in Biomanufacturing

The Bachelor’s Degree in Biomanufacturing builds upon the Associate Degree in Biotechnology, allowing students who complete the associate degree or equivalent coursework from other colleges to enter as juniors and earn a baccalaureate degree.

This program develops the skills, abilities, and knowledge that students need to work in the unique environment of biological production. It emphasizes the applied, quantitative analysis of biomanufacturing process design and performance to prepare students for employment in technical or quality positions in the manufacturing sector of the biotechnology industry, which includes biotherapeutics, diagnostics, supplies and services, and industrial products.

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For more information about the prerequisites, please contact the STEM counselors or the Life Sciences Dept.






The Bachelor's Degree in Biomanufacturing requires 60 units of lower-division courses (years 1–2) and 60 units of upper-division courses (years 3–4) for a total of 120 units.

Prospective students are encouraged to complete an Associate Degree in Biotechnology, before entering the baccalaureate program as a junior,


CHEM 101 5 Units
BIOLOGY 003 or BIOLOGY 005 or BIOLOGY 006 or MICRO 020 (4-5 units)
MATH 227 or MATH 227S 4 Units
BIOTECH 002 4 Units
BIOTECH 003 4 Units
BIOTECH 006 2 Units
BIOTECH 008 2 Units
TOTAL 25-26 Units
IGETC or 34-37 Units
CSUGE 39 Units

Number of units that may be double counted: 9-10 units

CSU transferable electives (4-10 units)

(45 upper division courses + 15 units of lower division CSU transferable electives)

YEAR 3: SEMESTER 1 14 Units
ENGLISH 420 – Research Design and Methodology 3 Units
BIOTECH 340 – Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing 3 Units
BIOTECH 360 – Design of Biomanufacturing Facilities, Critical Utilities, Processes, and Equipment 3 Units
General Chemistry 102 5 Units
YEAR 3: SEMESTER 2 15 Units
BIOTECH 310 Biomanufacturing Process Sciences 5 Units (3 Lec Units + 2 Units)
BIOTECH 330 Advanced Topics in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs 4 Units
BIOTECH 300 Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning in Biomanufacturing 3 Units
CSU Transferable Electives 3 Units
YEAR 4: SEMESTER 1 16 Units
BIOTECH 400 Bioprocess Monitoring and Control (Prerequisite: BIOTECH 310) 4 Units (3 Lecture + 1 Lab)
BIOTECH 320 Design of Experiments for Biomanufacturing 4 Units (3 Lecture + 1 Lab)
BIOTECH 410 Methods in Quality, Improvements, Investigations, and Audits (Prerequisites: BIOTECH 330 & BIOTECH 340) 4 Units
CSU transferable electives 4 Units
YEAR 4: SEMESTER 2 15 Units
BIOTECH 460 Capstone Seminar in Biomanufacturing Technologies (Prerequisite: BIOTECH 310) 3 Units
BIOTECH 470 Capstone Seminar in Biomanufacturing Quality (Prerequisite: BIOTECH 330) 3 Units
BIOLOGY 408 Pharmacology 3 Units
ANTHRO 322 Cultural Perspectives in Health and Healing 3 Units
CSU Transferable Electives 3 Units
TOTAL 60 Units


Bachelor of Science in Biomanufacturing Application – Fall ‘24 (Spring ‘24 provisional)
  1. Application Deadline: Please complete your application form and submit it with your unofficial transcripts, including those from the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). Send these documents to the email address by February 4th, 2024.
  2. Early Application Advantage: Applying sooner is beneficial because it will lead to faster notification of your acceptance into the provisional program for Spring 2024. Please note that acceptance for Fall 2024 is provisional and depends on the successful completion of your Spring 2024 courses if you have not met all prerequisite courses for Fall 2024.
  3. Official Transcripts: After acceptance to the program, you will have 30 days to submit your official transcripts.

Apply by February 4th, 2024, to increase your chances of early acceptance, then follow up with official transcripts after acceptance into the program.

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The enrollment fee for the upper-division bachelor’s degree program courses is $130 per unit (for California residents). An estimated total cost of the program (tuition) for California residents is approximately $10,000* for enrollment fees.

Financial Aid is available for qualifying students and may be used to offset these costs. Most of our students receive State, Federal, or private financial aid, or qualify for the Board of Governors' Fee Waiver Program. For more information on financial aid, please visit our Financial Aid webpage. We highly encourage everyone to apply for FAFSA before applying to the program regardless of your acceptance. For more information, visit the FAFSA website.

 * Fees are subject to change.