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LA Mission College offers an AA-T (Associate in Arts for Transfer) in English.

An English degree is appropriate for all students who want to improve their written and oral expression. It also affords students the opportunity to expand their comprehension of diverse literary texts. This degree is not only for students who are interested in teaching, but it is also for students who plan to continue with graduate work in programs ranging from liberal arts to law.

California Community College students interested in transfer to a California State University (CSU) are encouraged to learn more about the Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degrees. California Community College students awarded an AA-T are guaranteed admission with junior standing in a program that is deemed similar within the CSU system. Although priority admission consideration is given to the student’s local CSU campus within a similar program, it does not guarantee admission to a specific major or campus.

To complete an AA-T in English, you must complete the English major classes listed below, as well as general education courses from the IGETC or CSU GE, for a total of 60 units. (English 101 will be required as part of your GE and as a prerequisite for higher-level English courses.) You must score a C or better in all major classes and have acumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

ENGLISH 102 College Reading & Composition II 3
ENGLISH 103 Composition & Critical Thinking 3
List A: Select two (2) courses: UNITS
ENGLISH 203 World Literature I 3
ENGLISH 205 English Literature I 3
ENGLISH 206 English Literature II 3
ENGLISH 208 American Literature II 3
List B: Select one (1) course:    
ENGLISH 127 Creative Writing 3
  or Any List A course not already used 3
List C: Select one (1) course:    
CHICANO 037 Chicano Literature 3
CHICANO 042 Contemporary Mexican Literature 3
SPANISH 001 Elementary Spanish I 5
SPANISH 002 Elementary Spanish II 5
SPANISH 003 Intermediate Spanish I 5
SPANISH 004 Intermediate Spanish II 5
SPANISH 005 Advanced Spanish I 5
SPANISH 006 Advanced Spanish II 5
THEATER 100 Introduction to Theater 3
  or Any List A course not already used  

Always consult a counselor for information on program and graduation requirements residency requirements, and transfer information. In choosing your elective, keep in mind the courses required at the universities to which you plan to apply for transfer.

An English degree will help you:

  • Analyze written text to identify underlying logic and point of view
  • Develop a well-organized paper that develops cogent main ideas stated in a thesis and which has adequate support for statements made
  • Utilize diverse sources of information to research a topic
  • Attribute quotes and other information gleaned from print and electronic sources according to MLA style
  • Evaluate arguments for validity, objectivity, and soundness
  • Argue a point after having gathered and synthesized relevant information, data, and evidence
  • Critique text in terms of style and relate a text to the period in which it was written
  • Distinguish fallacies in arguments and be able to recognize the validity or lack of validity of various points of view

An English degree can also be used to acquire many high-paying jobs. To see some of the jobs you can do with an English degree, please visit our Job Fair Presentation.

LA Mission College no longer offers a local A.A. in English. However, if you started in the summer of 2017 or earlier and you have maintained catalog rights, you may be eligible to complete this degree. Please check with the Counseling Office for further details.


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Students who apply for and are accepted to the L.A. Mission College Honors Program should read the English Honors Project Procedure handout.

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