A healthcare worker is talking to a patient

Medical Office

Administrative Assistant

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is designed to prepare students to perform entry-level administrative tasks in the offices of healthcare practitioners or other healthcare facilities. The tasks include communications with patients for case histories, scheduling appointments, updating and maintaining records, and familiarity with customer billing and electronic health records.

For a complete list of required course please use the program mapper.

You may also enroll in courses that are part of the Medical Billing and Coding. 

Registration Process:

Use this link and follow steps 1 - 6 to register for the courses listed in the program mapper. Also, make sure you see the STEM counselor).

Follow the steps below to register for the courses:

Step #1: Apply

Apply and be admitted to Los Angeles Mission College. Upon admission to the college, you will be assigned a Student ID number and a student email account.  You will need these to register for the courses.

Use this link to apply (Application)

Step #2: Register

  1. Log into the Student Portal
  2. Click on "Manage Classes"
  3. Click on "Class Search and Enroll" and Select Term
  4. Search for a Class and Click on “>” then select a class and click “>
  5. On the top right-hand corner, click on “Next
  6. Click “Accept” then on the next page, select Enroll and Submit

If you see a Green Check Mark, you have successfully enrolled.

Course Schedule:

Use the course search link and enter the semester (Fall or Spring), campus (Los Angeles Mission College), and Subject (see the program mapper for the required courses). 

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