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Law : Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions


Law 1 - Business Law I
Study of the fundamental principles of law as they apply in the business world by examining legal rights and remedies, business torts and crimes, contracts, agency, employment, and negotiable instruments


Law 2 - Business Law II
Further study of the fundamental principles of law as they apply in the business world. Examines bailment, the rights and liabilities of agent, principles and liabilities of agent, principles and third parties, partnerships, corporations, stockholders, negotiable instruments and securities.

Law 10 - Intro to Legal Assistant I (Intro to Law)
Introductory study of law including an overview of the system of American law, legal reasoning, case law, statutes, the courts, court procedures, constitutional law, torts, intellectual property, criminal law, administrative law, international law, employment law and environmental law. 


Law 11 - Intro to Legal Assistant II (Civil Litigation)
Study of civil and criminal procedures. Emphasis is on parties and jurisdiction, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial and trial preparation, appeal, enforcement of judgments, and alternative dispute resolution.


Law 12 - Tort Law and Claims Investigation
Study of the law of torts including intentional torts, privileges, negligence, joint & several Liability, damages, defenses, liability without fault, product liability, strict liability, nuisance, trespass, economic torts, misuses of legal process, defamation, invasion of privacy, insurance, and workers' compensation.

Law 13 - Wills, Trusts and Probate Administration
Study of the law of wills and trusts, including simple wills, codicils, trust forms, living trusts, pourover wills, advance directives, powers of attorney, guardianship, conservatorship, caretakers, basic estate planning life estates, disposition of property outside probate, tax issues, and life insurance trusts  

Law 16 - Civil and Criminal Evidence
Study of the rules of civil and criminal evidence and the admissibility of such evidence in court including relevancy, hearsay, hearsay exceptions, character evidence, habit and custom, witness & competency, impeachment, authentication and identification of documents, constitutional restraints, and common law privileges. Students analyze evidentiary objections to trial transcripts, and other legal documents.


Law 17 - Legal Writing
Study of legal drafting and writing including writing case briefs, demand letters, legal memoranda, motions,  pleadings, and writing a legal research paper


Law 18 - Marriage and Family Law 

Study of marriage and family law with emphasis on dissolution of marriage, California community property laws, jurisdiction, forms completion, calendaring, discovery, support and custody issues, restraining orders, and domestic disputes.


Law 19 - Property & Creditor Rights
Study of property and creditor rights including real and personal property, joint tenancy, leases, deeds, escrows, deeds of trust, the system of recording and search of public documents, bankruptcy laws and forms, landlord-tenant, secured transactions, collateral, purchase money security interests, liens, attachments, garnishments, and other creditor's remedies.


Law 20 - Basic Probate Procedures
Study of the fundamental principles and methods of fact gathering, office procedures, and required court work involved in the handling of probates of both testate and intestate decedents, as well as the administration of estates in California Probate Courts.


Law 34 - Legal Research (Laboratory) 
Study of legal research including key search terms, precedents, citation format, finding cases, constitutions, statutes, regulations, ordinances, conducting, expanding and updating both federal and California legal research and reporting research results in various formats.


Law 35 - Immigration Law for Paralegals 
This course analyzes the fundamental concepts of the United States Immigration systems and related laws. Lectures and activities will address eligibility for visas and citizenship; employment based immigration; employer responsibilities; basis for asylum, international law; and defenses to deportation. Students will prepare an application for a visa and for permanent residency and/or citizenship.

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