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Health Occupations Courses & Certificate

Health Occupations Fundamentals Certificate*

(9 units)

  • HLTHOCC 62: Skill Set for the Healthcare Professional (2 units)
  • HLTHOCC 63: Basic Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology (2 units)
  • HLTHOCC 64: Cultural and Legal Topics for the Healthcare Professional (1 unit)
  • HLTHOCC 65: Fundamentals for the Healthcare Professional (2.5 units)
  • Allied Health 21: American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider (0.5 unit)*

*Note: Students must pay $15 for the CPR card to be issued. Print the form and follow the instructions on the form: [CPR Card Fee Form].  If you do not take the Allied Health 21 course, please see below for possible locations for CPR Certification if you have additional (must be other than courses listed above) 0.5 unit college-level course:  


*For information about Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, & Advisories, go to: 
Page 127 of LAMC 2019-2020 Catalog {click here} 


Externship Opportunity Info for Health Occupation Students [click here]

Externship Application for Health Occupation Students [click here]


The courses are competency based, which means that upon completion of each course with a passing grade, students will be eligible to demonstrate competency by completing an exam. If 80% or higher is achieved on the competency exam, the student is awarded a Digital Badge. The Digital Badge can be submitted when applying for a job. The badges have been vetted through the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and are supported by over 100 healthcare employers.

Digital Badges gives students an advantage when applying for employment in Healthcare.

The Digital Badges include the following competencies:

  • Professionalism, Ethics, Integrity
  • Diversity and Cultural Awareness
  • Teamwork, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service, Compassion, Empathy
  • Safe Practice/Infection Control
  • Assessment Skills/First Aid
  • Basic Medical Terminology
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule
  • Digital Literacy

Safe Practice Digital BadgeBasic Med Term Digital BadgeDiversity & Cultural AwarenessDigital Literacy Digital BadgeCustomer Service Digital Badge


The courses/competencies can be challenged by students who can demonstrate prior learning experience through previous employment or military experience. Upon presentation of documentation that qualifies a student as having prior learning experience, the student may take the competency exam and receive a Digital Badge without taking the course if a grade of 80% or higher is earned on the competency exam.

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