What kinds of jobs and careers are available if I get certificates in Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management and/or Professional Baking & Patisserie?

Obtaining certificates in Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management and/ or Professional Baking and Patisserie provides culinarians the tools they need to be successful in the back-of-the-house and front-of-the-housecareers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Los Angeles provides employment opportunities in all sectors of foodservice industry area is constantly growing and will continue to grow. Some career possibilities include positions in restaurants, night clubs, resorts, bakeries, hotels and institutions. There are many different kinds of kitchen organization structures, and as a result, many position titles vary.

Awarded students

Industry Facts & Forecast

  • The number of jobs and careers for chefs, cooks and food preparation workers has increased 9-17% since 2004 and is projected to continue.
  • 9% of employees in the US work in the restaurant industry.
  • Over 70% of eating and drinking establishments are independently owned.
  • Almost half of American adults have worked in the restaurant industry at one time.


Education and Training Cost
Culinary Arts Institute @ LAMC (2 to 4 years) $3,000 - $5,000*
Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) (8-month Program) $33,360
Culinary Institute of America (A.A. & B.A.) (2 to 4 years) $55,000 to $125,000

*Depends on California Community College (CCC) tuition and costs for finalized culinary arts program. This is still a greater value than other Culinary Arts Programs in the Los Angeles area.

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