Culinary Department

Welcome to the Culinary Arts Institute Catering Program at Los Angeles Mission College. We are here to meet your catering needs, from street faire to fine dining and everything in between. Our trained chefs and students can assist you with menu planning, pricing, meal preparation, excellent service, and a painless invoicing process.

Please follow our easy four-step process to get started (please submit your request at least two weeks prior to your event):

  1. Email Culinary Arts Secretary, Kari Golden, to begin the process.

  2. The CAI will send a quote for the event via email, once the menu selections are complete.

  3. Return the authorized quote (once the quote is received, the event is calendared).

  4. CAI will bill the client (any modifications to the original quote will be reflected in the final invoice).

For LACCD Events

  • Purchase orders are required. Once the quote is finalized, the Purchase Order must be provided one week before the event.

Special Notes

  • ALL Catering Requests should be sent to the following email address:
  • Cancellations within one week of the event (for weekday events) may result in some charges.
  • Evening and Weekend events require a 10-day cancellation notice. Cancellations made within the 10 days leading to an event may result in charges.
  • The CAI provides catering only. The client is responsible for ensuring all facility and other reservations are generated and approved for campus events.

Contact Us


Kari Golden, Secretary, Culinary Arts
Phone: (818) 364-7756

For more information please contact the Culinary Department.