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Assistive Technology

What is Alternate Media?

Alternate Media is an alternative medium of presentation from that in which work was originally done. In other words it is the same material, just in a different form. An example of Alternate Media is a book, originally published on a printing press, being recreated as a Braille book or audio format. The purpose of Alternate Media is to allow access to those people who, due to a sensory or processing disability, cannot easily use the standard materials.

Instructional Assistant, Assistive Technology

In response to the legislation recently put in place, the California Community Colleges have created a new position called Instructional Assistant, Assistive Technologist. Los Angeles Mission College's Instructional Assistant, Assistive Technologist is Adrian Gonzalez. The campus Instructional Assistant, Assistive Technology produces Alt. Media, and deals with web accessibility issues for LAMC. In addition, he is available to the Faculty as an accessibility resource in the Disabled Students Program & Services. Please visit the Contact link for more information.

Tips for Faculty converting accessible materials.

Access to E-Learning: Georgia Tech Research on Accessible Distance Education

The High Tech Center Training Unit, Cupertino CA

The High Tech Center Training Unit creates training manuals and tutorials as part of the trainings we conduct. We have several of the tutorials that we use to help refine the skills taught in the various trainings. We also have our training manuals available as accessible PDF documents.



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