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Beginning Fall Semester, 2015, LA Mission College moved from the current payment system that students use for printing and copying, called Equitrac, to a new system called Go Print. The reason for this move is to simplify the printing/copying process and to add additional features as outlined below.

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The funds that you may currently have stored on your cards can still be used with the GoPrint system. We will be phasing out the use of cards to store funds and will be moving to an account based system, accessed through your student ID and PIN. The current plan is to move off of the cards by Fall Semester, 2016.

  • Funds stored on current cards can be used on the GoPrint System
  • Option to store funds in an account, accessed through your student ID. This will eliminate the need to carry a card that can be lost or stolen.
  • Follow You printing: The ability to submit a print job and have it released on similar printers throughout campus. We are currently testing the Follow You printing. This option will only be available when paying with a Student ID account, and not when paying with a card.
  • Students can continue to use both the funds stored on their cards and funds stored in an account. The two accounts are separate and funds are stored independently. Funds can be transferred off of cards to an account, but this must be done at the Business Office
  • Vending machines will only be able to issue cards and add funds to cards. Future plans are to install vending machines that can add funds to an account, but currently this option is not available.
  • Some copy machines will only have the ability to work with cards and not with account funds.
  • Visitors that do not have a student account will be able to purchase and fund cards for their printing/copying needs.

We hope you will find the new printing/copying payment system easier to use and we will continue to explore further improvements. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Information Technology at @email.

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