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Los Angeles Mission College has worked with the Los Angeles Community College District to provide an email system for all LAMC students. This new email system is automatically created for all LAMC students as long as you are enrolled in one class at any of the nine colleges (Harbor, Trade Tech, City, Pierce, West, Southwest, Mission, East Los Angeles, and Valley). The new email system is based on the Microsoft LIVE platform, which provides several benefits to students.

Highlights of the new email system

  • 50 GB of Email message space.
  • 1 TB of file storage capacity to store your homework, documents, videos, and other digital files.
  • Use Microsoft Office Web Apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote) on the internet at home, school, or anywhere with internet connection.
  • Download and install Microsoft Office 365 on your personal computer.
  • Upload videos, pictures, and documents and share with your classmates.
  • Create calendar events to keep track of your assignments.
  • Photo Sharing
  • The same email account will be used at all of the nine District Colleges.
  • Click Here to Access the LACCD Student Email System (Button can also be found on the Students page)
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  • All communication from the college including information about financial aid, emergency situations, messages from faculty about your classes, counseling, etc. is delivered to this email address.

  • You can set up forwarding to your personal email address (Gmail, yahoo, etc.), or synchronize it to your smart phone/mobile device.

Accessing Your Email

Email Login Screen Step 1

1. Go to to sign-in to the student email system

Email Login Screen Step 2

2. Enter your Student ID and PIN. Your PIN is the month and day of your date of birth in MMDD format. If you have forgotten your PIN or need to chance it, contact the Admissions & Records Office for assistance.

Email Login Screen Step 3

3. After successful sign-in, you will have access to your email, be able to forward your LACCD email to your personal email and access all web apps that are included with Office 365

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