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Out of concern for the health of our students, staff, and faculty, the Financial Aid Office physical counter is closed.  But, there are many ways to get in contact with us:

Use the VIRTUAL COUNTER WINDOWS (above).  Please use Chrome or Firefox to log into the Virtual Windows using your Canvas account and Cranium Cafe. The windows will be open during our regular counter hours (located to the right).

Cranium Cafe Steps - Helping students on how to access our services during the Safer at Home period.

Download the Cranium Cafe Steps Powerpoint



  • Use the CONTACT FORM (located to the right, above Contact Us) to send us general questions about financial aid or specific inquiries into your financial aid status.

  • CALL US, Monday through Friday, during our scheduled counter hours, at 818-364-7648 or 818-364-7649.  Due to technical issues, you may not always be able to reach our staff, but leave a voicemail (with your Student ID number) and we will respond to your questions.


Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

How To Check Your To-Do List

Step 1: Click on the “To-Do List and Holds” icon.

Step 2: After being redirected to your To-Do List & Holds your pending items status should be marked as Initiated along with a due date of when they have to be submitted.

Ensure that you submit all initiated items on your To-Do List in order for the Financial Aid Office to process your file.


How To View Your Awards

Step 1: Click on the “Financial Aid & Scholarships” icon.

Step 2: After being redirected to the Financial Aid & Scholarships page you should be able to see a summary of how much aid you qualify for, for the academic year and the award status.


How To Check Your Refund

Step 1: Click on the “Financial Aid & Scholarships” icon.


Step 2: After being redirected to the Financial Aid & Scholarships page, under awards on the left-hand side click on Disbursements then choose the semester on display.


*This shows the disbursement number and how much you were refunded for the academic semester. It should calculate per semester how much you are entitled to receive based on the number of units taken/approved. 





Contact Us

Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

Student Services Center (inside the Instructional Building, near the clock tower)



Email Us

Office Hours

The Financial Aid Office counter in the Student Services Center will remain closed until further notice. Virtual counter hours are listed below:


8am - 5pm


8am - 6pm


8am - 2pm & 4pm - 6pm


8am - 5pm


8am - 12pm

Our office will be closed for the following date:

Friday, June 18, 2021

Federal School Code