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Disabled Students Programs & Services

Disabled Students Programs & Services : DSPS&S Staff

DSPS&S Staff

Larry Resendez, Psy.D

Dean, Student Services

Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm; Friday 1:30pm-5:30pm; Saturday 8am-12pm

Phone: 818.364.7733




Program development/management; staff recruitment, training, supervision, and evaluation; participation on campus shared governance committees; Chair of the Task Force on Accessibility and co-Chair of the DSP&S Advisory/ADA Compliance Committee; member of the Threat Assessment Team; advocate for ADA/Title V compliance; learning disability assessments; disability verification; accommodation planning; academic/personal counseling; and outreach to the College and the community.


Brief bio:

As Associate Dean of DSPS and the Student Health Center, Dr. Resendez advocates for students with disabilities to assure that they have an equal access to education. Dr. Resendez is also a licensed psychologist, a certified learning disability specialist and counselor who has an extensive background in mental health, learning disability assessment and program development/management.



Adam Serda, MS

DSPS Counselor

Contact/Hours: Monday and Wednesday 9-5, Tuesday 9-7, Thursday 9-4, and Friday 8-12:30. 818-364-7734.



I am a full time counselor for Disabled Students Programs and Services. My responsibilities include reviewing documents for disability verification, assisting students with selecting campus accommodations, and academic advising.


Brief Bio:

My education includes a MS degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, BS in Industrial Technology with an emphasis in Architecture, AA in Math and Science and an AA in Business Administration.  I have been counseling community college students for 14 years. I have worked in the following counseling departments: General Counseling, Disabled Student Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Program and Services, Veterans, Online students, and high school college enrichment programs.




Robert Schwartz, LCSW, Disability Specialist/Instructor


Contact/Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30am-5:00pm & Wednesdays 11:00am to 7pm.




  • Coordinate interpreter services
  • Review verification of disability and approve appropriate accommodations.
  • Provide educational services and access for eligible disabled students.
  • Provide registration assistance.
  • Coordinate and supervise tutors.

Brief bio:

My previous work experience was providing brief psychotherapy to Mission College and San Fernando High School students for 3 years through NEVHC. For 6 years prior, I was a psychiatric social worker for area college and high school students at a clinic in Van Nuys.


After graduate school I worked as a social worker in elementary and high schools, and in psychiatric hospitals.




Adrian Gonzalez, Inst. Assistant, Assistive Technology
Contact/Hours Mondays thru Fridays 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Demonstrates usage of Assistive Technology and Adaptive Technology for DSPS, Textbook conversion to any format such as MP3, Kurzweil 3000, Large print, Daisy. I work closely with DSP&S counselors and helping with appropriate accommodations. I am bilingual in Spanish and American Sign Language. I provide placement testing for discovering academic skills level. I assist students with the financial aid application process. I provide consultation to campus administrators for related assistive technology accommodations. 

Brief Bio:
I received certification as an Assistive Technologist from Cal State Northridge University. My present position is working at Los Angeles Mission College as an Instructional Assistant/Assistive Technologist. I regularly attend conferences and workshops facilitated by the State Chancellor’s Office of High Tech Training Center Unit in Cupertino, CA. I also attend CAPED conventions annually. In addition, I have recently been appointed to the Executive Board of the California Association of Post Secondary Education on Disability CAPED as their Historian. I have also been appointed to the ADA Advisory Committee for the LACCD. Every semester I coordinate local High School visits to LAMC for a DSP&S orientation and invite various disciplines. I coordinate opportunities for college departments to showcase their courses as well as a campus tour for recruitment purposes.  I provide campus-wide awareness of ADA Accessible Document Training. I coordinate tutoring orientation for the campus library tutoring programs. I regularly assist Dr. Larry Resendez with on-going programs and projects for DSPS students. I have been appointed to the following committees: Distance Education Committee and the ADA Advisory Committee. I am especially proud of the amazing opportunity of implementing and coordinating an annual LACCD Disability Summit since October 2015 for over 350 district wide attendees.

Marian E. Murray,Special Services Assistant

Contact/Hours Monday thru Thursday 8am-4:45pm, Friday 8am-12pm

Phone: 818-364-7732



  • Scheduling student appointments to see DSPS Counselors and Director
  • Direct student Test Proctoring and return of exams to faculty
  • Coordinate daily operations of DSPS department

Brief Bio:

I am from Sierra Leone, West Africa and came to the US in 1989. I have 20 years of experience working in the Food Service Industry with part of it coinciding with my start with the Los Angeles Community College District. My first position with the district was at Los Angeles Valley College for six years. In 2006 I transferred to the DSPS department here at Los Angles Mission College. In addition to my position with DSPS, I was the elected Chapter Chair for AFT 1521A for two consecutive terms from 2008-2012. I was also an appointed member of College Counsel and Staff Development. I continue to participate in AFT sponsored events related to the district and community.


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