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Our Sunland-Tujunga campus serves the communities of Sunland, Tujunga, Shadow Hills, Lake View Terrace, and surrounding communities. We offer classes during the fall and spring semesters, as well as during the winter and summer sessions. Class lengths may vary based on schedule.

Campus is open Monday through Saturday for both day and evening classes, with services like Admissions, Financial Aid, and Counseling available. Contact our office for detailed information.

Spring Semester Classes

Learn to speak English, pursue an exciting new career in Healthcare or Culinary Arts, or learn how to start your own business! Choose from our courses listed below and enroll today!

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English as a Second Language

Learn English for FREE!

We offer free classes to help you improve basic skills and achieve your educational goals.

E.S.L. 003A/ESL NC 131
Writing and Grammar

Mondays & Wednesdays
8:50 am – 12:00 pm
16 Weeks (2/6/23–6/5/23)
Class #26587/26801

This is a low-intermediate writing and grammar course for non-native writers of English. It emphasizes vocabulary, grammar, and writing through guided and free compositions of paragraphs on common subjects. Reading, speaking, and listening activities reinforce writing and grammar development.

Pre-Beginning/Foundational ESL

Mondays & Wednesdays
6–8:35 pm
16 Weeks (2/6/23–6/5/23)
Class #26586

This course is for ESL students at the pre-beginning level who need to acquire foundational literacy and communicative skills in English to function as parents, workers, and community members living in the United States. The course emphasizes basic English grammar, vocabulary development, listening/speaking, and reading/writing skills in a variety of activities related to daily life, community, civics, and college and career readiness.


Pre-Beginning/Foundational ESL

8:30 am–12:05 pm
16 Weeks (2/6/23–6/5/23)
Class #26801

Culinary Arts

Get Certified.

Our Sanitation & Safety course can get you certified to work in a restaurant or kitchen in just 8 weeks! Add our Culinary Nutrition class and complete half the credits you need to earn a Certificate as a Culinary Specialist. This certificate will prepare you for entry-level positions such as Dishwasher, Line Cook, and Short Order Cook.

Learn more about our Culinary Specialist Certificate

Culinary Arts 50
Sanitation & Safety

Tuesdays, 9–11:10 am
8 Weeks (2/6/23–3/29/23)
Class #26670

An introduction to the basic principles of sanitation, safety, work simplification, and use and care of institutional food service equipment. Emphasis is on the importance of proper employee training practices as related to food safety. ServSafe Food Handler’s Manager Certification will be obtained upon successfully passing exam.

Culinary Arts 103
Culinary Nutrition

Thursdays, 9–11:05 am
8 Weeks (4/10/23–6/5/23)
Class #26671

Fundamental culinary nutrition principles and theories for various groups are investigated. Healthy foods, pleasing to the eyes and the palate, will be prepared to cater to the growing number of health-minded customers. Recipe and menu development, including ingredient selection and cooking techniques, will be discussed. Special diets such as low-fat, low-sodium, diabetic, gluten-free, and caloric intake will be discussed.

Allied Health

Become a Healthcare Professional.

Complete a majority of the requirements to earn a Healthcare Certificate in just 8 weeks! Our Health Occupations Fundamentals Certificate will prepare you for an entry-level job in the healthcare industry. It can also serve as a stepping stone to many of our higher-level Allied Health certificates.

Learn more about our Health Occupations Fundamentals Certificate

Basic Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for the Healthcare Professional

Tuesdays, 12–2 pm
8 Weeks

This basic medical language course will discuss common diseases and injuries and their pharmacological treatment using medical terminology in English and Spanish, when appropriate.

Cultural and Legal Topics for the Healthcare Professionals

Mondays, 12–2 pm
8 weeks

This course provides an overview of the concepts of health and illness, cultural diversity, and legal issues that affect healthcare professionals.

Fundamentals for the Healthcare Professional

Wednesdays & Fridays, 12–2 pm
8 weeks

Health Occupations 065 explores career options in the health care industry, healthy behavior for health care workers, work ethics, professional resumes and interviewing skills and personality traits of a healthcare professional. There will be an externship during which area employers will introduce students to direct and indirect patient care opportunities.

Job Application Skills for Healthcare

Thursdays, 12–2 pm
8 weeks

This course is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to gain employment in the healthcare industry.

Business Management

Become Your Own Boss.

Enroll in our Small Business Entrepreneurship course today and start your journey toward running your own business.

Management 013
Small Business Entrepreneurship

Thursdays, 6–9:30 pm
16 weeks

This course presents a systematic approach to startup and management of small business operations. It covers personal valuation, pre-ownership preparation, management and leadership, financing, location, record keeping, employees, purchasing, advertising, sales & credit, and emphasizes adequate planning and preparation for success.

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