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ADTs and UCTPs

2023- 2024 (ADTs) Associate Degree for Transfer

Students who complete an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) will be guaranteed admission with junior status to the California State University system, although not a particular campus or major. Students can use the ADT Search by CSU Campus to view which CSU campuses accept ADT degrees in their major.

Students should meet with a counselor to determine if an ADT degree is the right path for them.

ADT Administration of Justice 2023-2024

ADT Art History 2023-2024

ADT Biology 2023-2024

ADT Business Administration 2.0 2023-2024

ADT Communication Studies 2023-2024

ADT Early Childhood Education 2023-2024

ADT Elementary Teacher Education 2023-2024

ADT English 2023-2024

ADT Film Television and Electronic Media 2023-2024

ADT Kinesiology 2023-2024

ADT Mathematics 2023-2024

ADT Nutrition and Dietetics 2023-2024

ADT Philosophy 2023-2024

ADT Political Science 2023-2024

ADT Psychology 2023-2024

ADT Public Health Science 2023-2024

ADT Social Justice Chicano Chicana Studies 2023-2024

ADT Sociology 2023-2024

ADT Spanish 2023-2024

ADT Studio Arts 2023-2024

ADT Theatre Arts 2023-2024

2022- 2023 (UCTP) University of California Transfer Pathway Associate’s Degree

The UCTP Associate’s Degree in Chemistry or Physics is an extension of UC Pathways+. The degrees, which are created by the community colleges, include the major preparation outlined in the UC Transfer Pathway for Chemistry or Physics. As with Pathways+, in order to secure an admission guarantee in Chemistry or Physics, students must:

  • Complete the Transfer Pathway,
  • Meet or exceed the required campus-based TAG GPA (campuses vary in a range of 2.8 - 3.4 GPA minimums)
  • Submit a TAG application by September 30, and
  • Apply for admission by November 30.

In addition to the benefits of the UC Pathways+ option, students completing the UCTP Associate’s Degree in Chemistry or Physics will earn an AS degree from their respective community college. Note: UC does not require an Associate’s Degree for transfer. More information is available at Pathyways+.

UCTP Chemistry 2023-2024

UCTP Physics 2023-2024

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