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LAMC Program Mapper

Please use the LAMC Program Mapper as a starting point when meeting with a counselor to develop your Student Education Plan to best meet your schedule and academic goals. The information about Salary, Growth, and Careers reflects California trends from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Employment Statistics Survey.

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Are you creative? Do you enjoy artistic expression? Are you interested in the fields of animation, graphic design, art, art history, interior design, video production, museum studies, or theatrical production?

Arts, Media and Performance Degree and Certificate Mapper

  • Art History

  • Art

    • Art Gallery & Museum Studies

    • Painting

    • Studio Arts

  • Interior Design

    • Interior Design Space Planning

  • Multimedia Studies

    •  Animation & 3D Design

    • Graphic & Web Design

    • Video Production

    • Video for Live Entertainment 

  • Theater Arts

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Are you often drawn to roles where you are leading others and managing projects? Are you interested in law enforcement and the administration of justice?

Business, Law and Entrepreneurship Degree and Certificate Mapper

  • Accounting

  • Administration of Justice

    • Basic Police Academy Preparation

    • Crime Scene Technology

    • Probation/Correction Officer

  • Business Administration

    • Management

    • Business Information Worker

    • Restaurant Management

    • Retail (WAFC) Management

  • Fundamentals of Medical Billing and Coding

  • Legal Assistant (Paralegal)

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Are you interested in a rewarding career working with children, parents and families? Do you want to become a teacher or work in the field of education?

Child, Family and Education Studies Degree and Certificate Mapper

  • Child Development

    • Child Development Administration

    • Child Development Core

    • Child Development Specializing in Dual Language Learning

    • Child Development Specializing in Family Child Care

    • Child Development Specializing in Infant/ Toddler

    • Child Development Specializing in Preschool

    • Child Development Specializing in School-Age Care

    • Child Development Specializing in Special Needs

    • Early Childhood Education

    • Elementary Teacher Education  

  • Family Studies

    • Gerontology

Culinary Banner

Are you someone who loves to cook, try new food, and entertain guests? Do you want to work in a restaurant as a chef, server, or manager?

Culinary Arts Degree and Certificate Mapper

  • Culinary Arts

    • Baking Specialist I

    • Baking Specialist II

    • Culinary Specialist I

    • Culinary Specialist II

    • Professional Baking and Patisserie

    • Restaurant Management

Society Banner

Are you interested in learning how people think and behave, both individually and within groups? Would you like to explore how people interact and navigate our world? Do you want to strengthen your language and communication skills?

Society, Culture and Communication Degree and Certificate Mapper

  • Art History

  • Chicano Studies

    • Social Justice: Chicano/Chicana Studies

  • Communication Studies

  • English

  • English as a Second Language ESL 

    • Advanced ESL

    • High Intermediate ESL

    • Low Advanced ESL

  • General Studies

    • Arts & Humanities

    • Communication & Literature

    • Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Philosophy

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Spanish

STEM Banner

Are you interested in science, computers and information technology, engineering, and math? Do you want to become a vital part of the healthcare industry? Do you enjoy fitness and healthy living?

STEM, Health and Fitness Degree and Certificate Mapper

  • Biology

  • Biotechnology

    • Biotechnology Lab Assistant

    • Biotechnology Research Lab Assistant

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)​

  • Chemistry (UCTP) 

  • Computer Science

    • Cloud Computing 

    • Computer Programmer

    • Cyber Security

    • Full Stack Developer

  • Engineering

    • Engineering Drafting Technician 

  • Health Occupations Fundamentals

    • Fundamentals of Medical Billing and Coding

  • Health Science

  • Kinesiology

  • Land Surveying Technician 

    • Technician I

    • Technician II

  • Mathematics

  • Microcomputer Applications

    • Microcomputer Applications Management

    • Microcomputer Programming

  • Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Pharmacy Technician

    • Pharmacy Technician Advanced

    • Pharmacy Technician Basic

  • Physics (UCTP) 

  • Physical Science

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