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A Sheriff's Security Officer is a public officer, employed by the sheriff of a county, whose primary duty is the security of locations or facilities as directed by the sheriff. The duties of a Sheriff's Security Officer may include physical security and protection of properties owned, operated, or administered by the county, or any municipality or special district contracting for police services from the county pursuant to Section 54981 of the Government Code, or necessary duties with respect to the patrons, employees, and properties of the employing county or contracting entities.

Captain John Gannon

Portrait of Captain John Gannon

Captain John Gannon has been a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for over 34 years. He is the current unit commander for the Department's Community College Bureau with about 150 deputies, security officers, support staff providing safety, and security contract services for the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) - the largest community college district in the nation with nine campuses and two satellite locations in Los Angeles County.

Prior to his current assignment, for nearly five years, Captain Gannon was the team commander for the Los Angeles County Mental Evaluation Team (MET), which is a collaboration between the Sheriff's Department and Department of Mental Health.

Captain Gannon has been fortunate to work a variety of past assignments within the Sheriff’s Department including six Sheriff’s Stations in South and East Patrol Division, Communications & Fleet Management Bureau, Region III Headquarters, Inmate Reception Center, and the Work Release Program.

Captain Gannon’s formal education includes an AS degree in Administration of Justice, a BA degree in Career and Technical (Adult) Education from California State University San Bernardino, and MS degree in Education from California State University East Bay.

For the past eight years, Captain Gannon has been an adjunct lecturer/instructor at California State University San Bernardino, where he has taught graduate and undergraduate level Public Administration course(s). As a self-described “lifelong learner” himself, Captain Gannon truly enjoys the collegiate teaching experience and atmosphere, where most students are eager to learn and prepare for their career life ahead.

As the unit commander for Community College Bureau, Captain Gannon feels all of his training and experience came full circle, allowing him to draw from past experiences not only with the Sheriff’s Department, but from years of college-level teaching as well.

Captain Gannon is committed to enhancing the campus community policing practices on each of the LACCD nine campuses and two satellite campuses. He is also using his past training and expertise to bring new presentations and training opportunities to LACCD campuses. The goal is to help improve staff and student safety and de-escalation skills when encountering vulnerable populations such as those having a mental health crisis and/or persons experiencing homelessness on or near LACCD campuses.

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