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Complete Your International Student Application Online!

This application is for students applying for an I-20 (International Student) as the first step to an F-1 Visa and for students in the United States who wish to transfer an F1 Visa to study at Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC). LAMC accepts international student applications for fall and spring semesters only.





Aug 1 - Nov 1
Jul 1 – Oct 1


Feb 1 - Jun 1
Jan 1 – May 1

To be determined by the Director of the International Student Program. Please provide accurate and complete details when submitting your application.

To be considered for admissions the following documents are required:

  1. Los Angeles Mission College Online International Student Application
  2. Financial Support (Original document)
  3. Academic Records/Transcripts/Proof of High School Graduation
  4. Application Processing Fee (May use credit card authorization form at: http://www.lamission.edu/services/businessoffice/forms.aspx)
  5. Passport Information (if available)
  6. US Visa and I94 (If applicable)
  7. One passport size photograph
  8. Student Status Verification Form for Transfer students only (must be faxed or emailed directly from transfer school to the International Student Program)

Photocopies are accepted unless otherwise indicated.

Details for the required supporting documents and forms can be found at:


All documents may be scanned and emailed to @email or mailed to the college campus at the following address:

Los Angeles Mission College
International Students Admissions
13356 Eldridge Ave.
Sylmar, CA 91342

The decision regarding your admission will be determined once the International Students Office receives all supporting documents and the application fee.

Students with questions may contact the International Student Office at: @email or call: (818) 364-7739.