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English as a Second Language (ESL) at LAMC

Our ESL Programs

LAMC offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for all skill levels. There are two ESL programs to choose from: Essential ESL and Academic ESL. 

Essential ESL

The purpose of the Essential ESL Program is to offer opportunities for students to begin their English experience or develop special skills for personal enrichment. All Essential ESL courses are noncredit and are mostly designed for beginning to intermediate-level English language learners. The program offers five levels ranging from Literacy/Foundations to Intermediate. In addition to the core/level courses, there are also pronunciation and conversation courses to help beginning-level students develop fluency.

 Academic ESL

The purpose of the Academic ESL Program is to prepare students for college-level reading and writing requirements, to transfer to a university, and/or to prepare for professional-level employment. Academic ESL courses are designed for intermediate to advanced-level English language learners. Students who need beginning or basic ESL, or simply ESL for personal development, should consider the Essential ESL Program.

There are two ways to take Academic ESL courses: for credit or noncredit. With the credit option, students must pay tuition (in-state or out-of-state rates); however, financial aid is available to people who qualify. With the noncredit option, the tuition is free, but students are responsible for purchasing the book(s) for the course.

LAMC offers 15 Academic ESL courses, 5 levels (low-intermediate, high-intermediate, low-advanced, high-advanced, college-level) in three different skill areas (Writing/Grammar, Reading/Vocabulary, Listening/Speaking). See the Academic ESL Program Flowchart below; note the "Credit" and "Noncredit" options for each level.

Writing and Grammar (A-1)
6 Units/Hours Each

Reading and Vocabulary (B-2)
3 Units/Hours Each

Listening and Speaking (C-3)
3 Units/Hours Each

E.S.L. 008 (Credit Only)
College-Level ESL Composition

E.S.L. 007B (Credit Only)
College-Level Reading & Vocabulary


E.S.L. 006A (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 161CE (Noncredit Option)
High Advanced Writing & Grammar

E.S.L. 006B (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 162CE (Noncredit Option)
High Advanced Reading & Vocabulary

E.S.L. 006C (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 163CE (Noncredit Option)
High Advanced Listening & Speaking

E.S.L. 005A (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 151CE (Noncredit Option)
Low Advanced Writing & Grammar

E.S.L. 005B (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 152CE (Noncredit Option)
Low Advanced Reading & Vocabulary

E.S.L. 005C (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 153CE (Noncredit Option)
Low Advanced Listening & Speaking

E.S.L. 004A (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 141CE (Noncredit Option)
High Intermediate Writing & Grammar

E.S.L. 004B (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 142CE (Noncredit Option)
High Intermediate Reading & Vocabulary

E.S.L. 004C (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 143CE (Noncredit Option)
High Intermediate Listening & Speaking

E.S.L. 003A (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 131CE (Noncredit Option)
Low Intermediate Writing & Grammar

E.S.L. 003B (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 132CE (Noncredit Option)
Low Intermediate Reading & Vocabulary

E.S.L. 003C (Credit Option) or
ESL NC 133CE (Noncredit Option)
Low Intermediate Listening & Speaking

Courses can be taken for credit or noncredit.

English/ESL Placement

To find your English/ESL level, please follow these steps:

  1. ​NEW LAMC students must first apply to the college. After you apply and receive your Student ID Number, please return to Step 2.

  2. Make an appointment for Guided Self-Placement. Contact our Adult Education Counselor, Professor Brianda Alvarez at or call 818-364-7682.

    NOTE: The Guided Self-Placement appointment takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Students complete a brief biographical survey and interview with Professor Alvarez. Students receive English/ESL placement as a result of the survey/interview. No tests! No stress! It's quick and easy! 

  3. Register for classes.

    NOTE: For more information about the ESL Program (Essential English and/or Academic English), please contact Professor Jacob Skelton at or call (818) 364-7678.

    All students have a right to access transfer-level (college-level) English courses such as English 101 or E.S.L. 110. Students are not required to take ESL courses prior to taking English 101 or E.S.L. 110.


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