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Transfer Level English Courses

University of California (UC) schools and Cal State Universities (CSUs) require the following English courses for transfer:

  • English 101
  • English 102 OR English 103 (Choose 1)

You will need to achieve a C or higher (70%+) for these classes to count towards your transfer goals. These courses are also required for transfer to most private universities, but you should check with the LAMC Transfer Center and the Counseling Center to be certain.

Other Courses That Fulfill General Education Requirements

In addition, you may be able to take other English classes to fulfill certain transfer requirements. For UCs and CSUs, you can use the IGETC as a guide to which general education courses you should take. For example, for your Arts & Humanities requirement (IGETC’s Area 3), you have a variety of options. If you enjoy English, you can take up to two English courses from this list: English 203, 205, 206, 208, and/or 240.

Your transfer school may also require you to take specific English courses to prep for certain majors. The IGETC also may change from year to year. When in doubt, always check with the LAMC Transfer Center for the latest transfer agreements between universities. Their office will have the most up-to-date information.

Placement Tests Are No Longer Used

In the past, LAMC students used to take a placement test to determine whether they would take English 21, English 28, English 101, or another course. Since the passing of Assembly Bill 705 (also known as AB 705), as of Fall 2019, students will no longer take English placement tests. Instead, students will self-report academic information and have more flexibility to enter transfer-level courses.

You May Benefit from Extra Support

Some students may feel nervous about taking English 101 without any remedial courses. These students may benefit from concurrent enrollment in English 72, a 1-unit lab paired with English 101 and taught by the same instructor. This pass/fail lab is meant for students who want extra support in English 101. If you are not sure which path is best for you, please speak with a counselor.


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Students who apply for and are accepted to the L.A. Mission College Honors Program should read the English Honors Project Procedure handout.

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