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TAP Honors Awards

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Transferred / Graduated

Post Graduate / Degree

Alcala, Cynthia Certified 2015
Brard, Andrea E. UCLA 2012 / B.A. Psychology 2014 Ca School Of Psych / PsyD
Brown, Adam Certified 2015
Corona, Luis Angel UC Davis 2014 / double major in Human Development & Psychology Expected: Graduate by 2017 / Apply to a graduate program
Di Bella, Celeste Northwestern University 2013 / Marketing and Communications Expected: Graduate by 2016 / Apply to Penn State, M.A. in Industrial Psych
Garcia, Abadirais Certified 2012
Giang, Ronald UCLA 2011
Guzman, Steve D UCLA 2012 / B.S. Neuroscience 2015 CSU LA / M.S. Biological Science
Heifler, Sydney UC Davis 2014 on Regents Scholarship / History Expected: Graduate in 2016
Hernandez, Jose F. Certified 2013
Pooni, Tajinder UCLA 2012
Rodriguez, Kimberly Certified 2009
Tazhibi, Houman UCLA 2015

Honor Student Quotes:

"I had an amazing experience at LAMC and felt very supported by numerous professors/academic advisors throughout the transfer process. I recommend that students attempt to develop close relationships with professors in order to assist with the transfer process. Additionally, GPA seems to be a very important factor in gaining admittance to universities/transferring." Andrea Brard, B.A.

"Throughout my years in community college and the university at which I obtained my bachelor's degree in neuroscience, I have found that networking with professors, fellow students, and finding mentors has been important in my academic success. I cannot stress enough how important these factors play in your academic trajectory. My greatest experience at LAMC has been the summer science research experience at Cal State University Northridge. Being able to work in a lab, obtain data, and write a scientific paper helped me tremendously in my growth as a student and prepared me for the next level at UCLA. Overall, don't be afraid to your challenge yourself." Steve Guzman, B.S.

"I graduated from the Honors TAP program in 2013, and it opened many doors for me. I was able to be admitted to many prestigious schools such as Loyola Marymount University and the California State University of Northridge. Yet, today I am working on my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications from Northwestern University. Two strong recommendations that I will give to you in your academic journey is to build a strong resume and grade point average (G.P.A). If you don't have a lot of work experience within your field, then do volunteer work." Celeste Di Bella.

"My honors work at LAMC has served me well at UC Davis. It has given me the skills I need to complete two honors programs here at Davis: the Davis Honors Challenge and the History Department's Honors Thesis Program. Furthermore, one of my honors projects for LAMC's TAP honors program that I did for a history class with Professor Phares ended up serving as preliminary research for my Senior Honors Thesis here at Davis. I knew I wanted to continue research into romance comic books, and having already worked with a professor at LAMC gave me the confidence to approach professors here and find a sponsor for my work. I am now working at a top university with the support of the chair of the department and many other great professors." Sydney Heifler.

"Even after transferring, I still continued to make several silly mistakes that have greatly cost me. However, I never gave up and continued to believe that everything would work itself out. After a year it did, so now I am cruising at UC Davis enjoying my studies, my friends that have transformed into a family, and all of Northern California. I continue and will always continue to put my utmost effort into everything I do with a kind heart and will always believe that everything will work itself out only if done in this manner." Warm regards, Luis Corona.

"My mother allowed me to take college classes when I was a freshmen in high school. My first class was Political Science. I loved the college class environment and so I continued to take more classes. To all high school students, I absolutely recommend to take college classes during high school. Listening to other people's stories have proved to me that AP classes are a waste of time. Taking college classes puts you on a fast track to a higher education."Houman Tazhibi.

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