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Biotech Students Finish Semester With Job Offers

June 5, 2023


Biotech students presenting their research poster to an interested attendee

On Monday, June 5th, Los Angeles Mission College’s spring Biotechnology II class held their annual research poster presentation at the Center for Math & Science Building on East Campus.

Presentations included “Got Oil? Bateria Can Eat It”, “Bio-invaders in Swimming Pools”, “Pillows: Silent Incubators for Microbes”, “Sweet Taste and Oral Microbiome”, and “Fractionation of Protein Supplements.”

Before officially completing the course, 13 students received job or internship offers with Biotech industry partners Grifols Biologicals, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Lief Labs, and Cedars Sinai, thanks in part to recent Distinguished Instructor Award Winner, Chander Arora, Ph.D.