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Pathway to Law School


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Tashini Walker

Transfer Counselor/Coordinator

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" We've long known California Community Colleges are filled with gifted and capable students who would benefit the legal profession across California. This program gives those students a direct path to some of the finest schools in the country, and gives those schools a pipeline of diverse students from across the state"
- Eloy Ortiz Oakly
Chancellor, California Community Colleges

"When you Dream...Community College - Pathway to Law School"

Los Angeles Mission College was selected as one of 24 California community colleges to participate in the Pathway to Law School initiative in 2014. This program is sponsored by the California State Bar Council on Access and Fairness that established agreements with 24 community colleges and six law schools to create the Pathway to Law School initiative. The program establishes a clear pathway for community college students interested in law school.  The initiative is an unprecedented effort within California’s higher education to enhance opportunities and advancement in the legal profession for diverse populations, particularly those who have been underrepresented.

The Pathway to Law School curriculum bridges students interested in a law degree with transfer and law school.  Pathway scholars must register with the program, complete an orientation to the program, and complete the courses listed below.  The Law and Administration of Justice Department sponsors special panels and presentations, and the Counseling Department has a designated counselor.


The Community Colleges Pathway to Law School initiative requires students to complete courses based on a defined set of “success factors” that help make effective lawyers. Students in the program receive early exposure to the law school experience, individual advisement and mentoring from law school advisors, financial aid counseling, LSAT preparation and waived application fees for admission to the participating law schools.



Philosophy 6 Logic in Practice (3 units)
or Math 227 Statistics (4 units)


3 or 4 units

English 101 College Reading and Composition I

  3 units

English 103 Composition and Critical Thinking

  3 units

History 11 Political and Social History of the United States I

  3 units

Law 01 Business Law
or Law 10 Intro to Law


3 units

Law 16 Evidence

  3 units

Political Science 1 The Government of the United States

  3 units
Suggested Course: 

Counseling 17  College Survival Skills

  1 unit

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