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Eagles Fitness Program

Eagles Fitness Program : FAQ


How do I sign up for the Eagles Fitness Program? 

To sign up for the Eagles Fitness Program you can now register at the Fitness Center in the HFAC or Online by visiting For more information please call (818)364-7891. * The Eagles Fitness Program Registration is NOW OPEN.  We do honor a 15% discount for seniors (62+) or Fire, Life, Safety and military, and a 10% discount for a multi-person deal. 15% Cancellation fee will be applied to all refunds within 15 calendar days of your EFP Registration. No Refunds will be issued after the 15 Day Period. 

 Does the membership fee include 1-on-1 personal trainers?

Membership does NOT include 1-on-1 trainers. However, we do have experienced staff on duty that can answer any fitness questions you may have. The College and the District do not allow private trainers to train in our building. A free Fitness Orientation is available upon request. Please see any HFAC Fitness Center Staff member for assistance. 


How much is the membership fee? Will you pro-rate this program if I sign-up later in the summer?

The membership fee is normally $90 for spring and fall semesters, $75 for summer, and $35 for winter. The price will be pro-rated through out the program. Please ask the staff for specifics as the prices change throughout the year. 818-364-7891


Is the Gymnasium open for open gym activities, such as basketball, volleyball etc.?

YES! We will be offering a couple days of Open Gym activities. The H.F.A.C will host a badminton night, Thursdays 6pm-8:50pm.  Each open gym activity will have a fee of $4 per night. Free for fitness members who are currently enrolled.


What exactly is included in the Eagles Fitness Program?

The Eagles Fitness Program includes the usage of our Fitness Center, all access to non-credit fitness classes, access to our indoor track and locker rooms. Inside the fitness center we have staff on duty to help if you have any questions concerning the equipment. We can also help create a workout plan, which fits your needs. You are required to bring your own lock and remove all items from your locker at the end of each workout.

The hours when all of this is available to you is normally Monday- Friday 7:00am - 9:00pm and Saturdays from 7:00am - 12:30pm during Fall and Spring. During the Summer and Winter we are normally open Monday through Thursday from 7:00am - 9:00pm and Fridays from 7:00am - 7:00pm. We are closed for all State and National holidays.

Does the Fitness Center offer any structured classes?

Yes, these classes are non credit classes that are offered to the community, students and free to program members. Please visit our website for an updated class schedule. 

We have a variety of classes offered through our Health and Physical Education Department. These classes are semester long and include a lecture/lab components. Check upcoming events area, located on the front page of the website, for an updated schedule of classes. * Class schedule is subject to change without notice. 

The Health and Physical Education Department is going to start offering group exercise classes similar to the ones that Community Education used to offer.

Where can I sign up for the Eagles Fitness Program?

Register and get your Community ID card at the Fitness Center in the HFAC. You are able to pay with Cash or Credit/Debit Card. We are also taking over the online registration system that the Community Education Office used.

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