• Spring 2015 New Class - Journalism 100

    Journalism 100 - Social Values In Mass Communication (UC:CSU) 3.00 UNITS
    Would you like to study Journalism and learn the ins and outs of today’s mass media in society? If your answer is yes, then enroll in Journalism 100 for this spring 2015 semester!

    Section #0312, MW from 8:55am-10:20am - Prerequisite: English 101
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  • Fall 2014 New Section - Theater 100 Intro to Theater

    NEW SECTION for FALL: Theater 100 CSU:UC Transferable and Humanities GE Sequence. Focuses on the relationship of theatre to various cultures throughout history, and on the contributions of significant individual artists. Introduces students to elements of the production process including playwriting, acting, directing, design, and criticism. Section: 0803 8:50 - 12:00 Thursday Ralph Tropf
  • Fall 2014 New Class - Theater 405 Costume Design

    A survey of historical periods and their application to the stage; an intensive study of costuming design for the stage; introduction to shop procedures; beginning principles and techniques of costume design including figure drawing, character analysis, and sewing principles. Section #3328, Thursday from 3:30pm-6:40pm with Mary Reilly M.F.A. Costume Design UCLA School of Film, Television and Theater

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LAMC Honors Ceremony
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ASO Members Attend SSCCC Fall 2014 General Assembly
ASO Members Attend SSCCC Fall 2014 General Assembly On November 14th through November 16th, a group of Associated Student Organization (ASO) members from Los Angeles Mission College attended the Student Senate for Californ ...more
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