Calculus Chapter 2

Ch 2  Derivatives


Ch 2.1 Derivates and Rates of Change


Calculus: Derivatives 1 : Understanding that the Derivative Is Just the Slope of a Curve at a Point (or the Slope of the Tangent Line)


Calculus: Derivatives 2: Finding the Slope (or Derivative) of a Curve at a Particular Point


Calculus-Derivative: Finding the Derivative of y=x^2


Derivative:  Intuition Module


Ch 2.3 Product Rule


Product Rule : The Product Rule. Examples using the Product and Chain rules

Quotient Rule


Ch 2.4 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions


Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Extreme Derivative Word Problem (advanced) : A difficult But Interesting Derivative Word Problem


Ch 2.5 Chain Rule


Chain Rule

Ch 2.6 Implicit Differentiation

Implicit Differentiation : Taking the Derivative When y is Defined Implicitly.


Implicit Differentiation (part 2) : A long Implicit Differentiation Problem.


More Implicit Differentiation


More Chain Rule and Implicit Differentiation Intuition


Trigonometric Implicit Differentiation Example : Implicit differentiation Example that Involves the Tangent Function


Calculus: Derivative of x^(x^x)


Ch 2.8 Related Rates

Ladder Rate-of-Change Problem


Another Rate-of-Change Problem


Introduction to Rate-of-Change Problems : Using Derivatives to Solve Rate-of-Change Problems