News Release
  June 3, 2004


Nearly 40 of Mission College’s "best and brightest" students received awards totaling nearly $19,000 during the college’s annual Scholarship Ceremony held today (June 3).

The scholarships awarded range from $100 to $2,500 and are funded by donations or contributions from college support groups, businesses and civic groups, employee or other college organizations and individuals.

"Many of our students are attending college while working or raising families," said Dr. Adriana Barrera, Mission College president. "These well-deserved scholarships can mean a lot, whether the amount is $100, $500, or $1,000."

Among the recipients were five students who each received a $1,000 Aspire a Más Scholarship, awarded by CompuCredit Corporation of Atlanta. They are Zarina Gallardo, Veronica Garcia, Eliseo Guillen, Elsie Martinez and Carolina Montoya. In the three-year history of the Aspire a Más scholarship, 20 scholarships have been awarded. Eliseo Guillen is the only student to have won the scholarship in each of the three years. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, community service and a commitment to pursuing an undergraduate degree or higher.

Boeing awarded the single largest scholarship: $2,500 to biology student Alejandra Argote, who will attend UC Santa Barbara in the fall.

In all, 38 students received 43 scholarships totaling $18,800.

Scholarship Recipient(s) Amount
(Per Recipient)
Aspire a Más
Zarina Gallardo, Veronica Garcia, Eliseo Guillen, Elsie Martinez, Carolina Montoya $1,000
Doris McClain and Annabelle Godwin Maria Elena Aguirre, Maria Alvarez, Rose Liu, Silva Melikyan, Eva Soto, Graciela Villalba $550
Boeing Alejandra Argote $2,500
Sylmar Women’s Club –
Continuing Student
Nargis Khatun, Christine Vega $500
Sylmar Women’s Club –
Transfer Student
Julianna Loza $1,000
Carla Bowman Angeline Quach, Daniyal Amirhamzeh $500
William J. Gallagher Alpana Prajapati, Darbi Michel $500
Associated Student Organization Veronica Garcia, Tina Moreno $300
Byron Iriye Jeremy Herrera $500
Lorraine Wyler Memorial Teresa Guzman $500
Toye Jessica Tong Suzanne Davis, Manuel Padilla $250
Child Development Faculty Silvia Armendariz, Adrian Camarillo, Maria Hernandez, Irma Marron, Tomasa Muñoz $100
Carlos Rodrigo Gonzalez Veronica Garcia $200
Betty Stelck Rosamaria Aguilar, Lynne Williams $100
Doreen De Los Santos Jose Martinez, Alpana Prajapati $100
Disabled Students Gema Enriquez, Deyannia Shipp $100
San Fernando Business & Professional Women’s Club Luz Langarica, Martha Torres $100
David Lee Moss Christine Vega $100
Full Time Student Cindy Arnold $100
Graduating/Transfer Student Benjamin Bradbury $100
Part-Time Student Julianna Loza $100
  TOTAL AWARDS: $18,800

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