News Release
  March 13, 2003


Los Angeles Mission College will receive federal funding to help would-be entrepreneurs launch their businesses, and to advise existing small business owners on how to expand.

Representative Howard Berman, D-28th, secured $300,000 in federal monies to fund the Economic Self Help program.

Under the grant, Mission College will provide classroom and computer lab instruction to entrepreneurs on developing a business plan, expanding their businesses internationally (specifically Mexico), management trouble-shooting, using the latest business software, and more.

Business experts in various fields will give presentations as part of the instruction.

"The program has three main goals," said Edgardo Zayas, dean of academic affairs, whose office will administer the program. "We’d like to increase the number of small businesses in the northeast Valley, help existing businesses expand their markets to Mexico under NAFTA, and, of course, create more jobs."

Zayas said the program is expected to begin in the fall. Program logistics will be coordinated with the government agency assigned to oversee the project, he added. After those details are worked out, Mission College will announce how business owners and others may enroll in the program, said Zayas.

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