April 26, 2002


College President Dr. Adriana Barrera has recognized 30 classified employees of Los Angeles Mission College for their contributions toward making the campus an efficient and pleasant working environment. The staff members were honored April 26, 2002, during the annual Classified Staff Recognition Awards ceremony on the Mission College campus. Listed below are the awards, the criteria for recognition and the honored employees.


College Excellence Demonstrates a high quality in all aspects of the job, and exhibits a high level of performance and professionalism. Margarita Padilla, Paula Riggs, and Jerry Huang
Outstanding Service Consistently promotes a friendly, helpful, cooperative attitude in serving internal and external customers. Demonstrates the"buck-stops-here" attitude in solving the customer's problem. Eva Berend, Faith McLaughlin, and Sharon Simpson
Outstanding Achievement Demonstrates exceptional accomplishments, achievements, or contributions and excellence in overall work performance. Has built a record of consistent achievement over time that has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Joyce Holloway, Rosalie Torres, and Bill Ruiz
Citizenship Initiates and enthusiastically supports community-building projects and events which may extend beyond the realm of assigned job duties. Models collegiality and respectful interpersonal relationships. Linda Carruthers, Debra Manning, and Eric Wilhite
Award for Creativity/Innovation Exhibits initiative and creativity resulting in improved operations. Produces results such as increased productivity, efficiencies, and/or employee morale. Pong Nimnual, Jesus Sanchez, and Maricela Quevedo
Best Attitude Award Friendly, "can do" attitude, helpful, supportive and flexible. Julius Walker, Vee Jackson, and Alice Yee
Campus Improvement and Environment Improves the workplace environment, and responds to the immediate needs of the college, students, faculty, staff andadministration. Victor Renolds, and Bill Roane
College Leadership Displays leadership by bringing out the best in others, maintains a professional demeanor during difficult or stressful daily work situations, and motivates others to do the same. Georgia Estrada, and Charles Perkins
Rookie of the Year The best newcomer classified staff member who exemplifies the spirit and dedication to "work ethic" of classified staff. Janet Hughes-Fields
College Appreciation Demonstrates continued loyalty in service to faculty, staff, administration, and students for 10 years or more. Shirley Hollingsworth, and Dee Dee Steiner
College Departmental Appreciation The College Department which, throughout the entire year, distinguished itself by working above and beyond the "call of duty." Admissions Department: Rosalie Torres, Amy Tong, Ida Thrift, Michelle Agustine, and Luz Nuņez - nominated and supervised by Angela Merrill