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Frequently Asked Questions about LA College Promise


How Does the LA College Promise Program Work Online?: 

Click here to find out: LA College Promise Program Online

Does LA College Promise cover fees for classes taken in the Winter?

No. Only classes taken in the Fall, Spring, Summer semesters are covered. To cover tuition for Winter, the student will need to apply for financial aid through FAFSA/CA Dream Act.
Does LA College Promise pay fees for classes taken in the Summer?
Yes, LA College Promise pay for English and Math classes for the summer prior to the Fall of your first year of college. It will also pay for your general education classes for the summer prior to the second year of college.

What about Summer Bridge and Fall Fees?

Fees For Summer and Fall: Please do not worry about your fees. They will be waived.

  • Summer Bridge courses will be waived by the LA College Promise Scholarships no later than July 31. Only Summer Bridges courses will be covered. If you took classes outside of the Summer Bridge program you will be responsible for paying for those units.

  • FAll semester full-time unit loads will be waived by the LA College Promise Scholarship no later than September 18.

Once students apply, are they automatically considered a LA College Promise student?
No. Students will need to complete the required elements of the LA College Promise including completing FAFSA or the CA Dream Act, completing Orientation and Counseling, and participating in a Summer Activity (i.e. Summer Bridge, Summer Mission Day, and Fall Kickoff) and complete a New Promise Student Orientation. Students also need to enroll full-time and agree to a contract which details their requirements for the duration of their first year.
Does LA College Promise cover fees for books and other required class expenses like instructional fees?
Currently, the College Promise program does not cover these expenses. However, Promise students have access to additional financial assistance to help cover food, books or transportation costs. Students also have access to summer jobs and internship opportunities, as well as international travel experiences.

 Does LA College Promise cover the Health Fee and the Student Rep Fee?


 Does LA Promise cover the Associated Student Government (ASG/ASO) Fee?

No. All students (not just Promise students) will be automatically charged the ASO fee. Students will need to opt out if they do not want to pay the ASO fee.

 What priority registration will LA College Promise student receive?
Promise students will receive registration dates at the beginning of Group 2. They will register immediately after Group 1 (special populations).
Can LA College Promise students also participate in other programs such as EOPS, METAS, TRIO, etc.?
Yes. The LA College Promise is not mutually exclusive with any other program offered at LAMC. In fact, we encourage students to take advantage of these beneficial programs. A major benefit of Summer Bridge and Summer Mission Day is to help students learn about and apply for membership in these programs.
What happens if students drop below 12 units in the Fall?
 In order to remain eligible for College Promise benefits, student must maintain full-time enrollment. If a student drops below 12 units in the Fall, the student must complete an appeal application to be able to continue as Promise student in the Spring. Please speak with the Promise counselor if you are thinking about dropping courses.
What happens if students are not enrolled full-time (12 units) on the first day of class?
In order to meet College Promise eligibility requirements, students must be enrolled full-time as of census (the end of the second week of the semester). If they are not enrolled full-time as of that day, they do not qualify for Promise. They can still qualify if they are able to enroll full-time by enrolling in late-start classes prior to the deadline for eligibility. Once the Fall Promise eligibility date has passed, there are no further opportunities to receive College Promise benefits.
What happens if students don’t receive a 2.0 GPA in the Fall?
In order to remain eligible for College Promise benefits, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA, and pass both Math and English classes with a "C" or better. Students who do not meet these requirements must submit an appeal to remain in the College Promise program.
Do students need to attend the New Promise Student Orientation?
Yes and No. If a student attended Summer Mission Day and had attended the New Promise Student Orientation, they do not need to do it again. However, if a student did not attend Summer Mission Day, they will need to attend the New Promise Student Orientation.
What are the "LA College Promise" and the "California Promise Grant" and how are they different?
The California Promise Grant was formerly known as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver, or "BOG", which waives students' enrollment fees based off of income data. The "College Promise," "LA College Promise," or "California College Promise" is a student success program administered by the True Promise program at LAMC. True Promise provides services, support, supplies, and other benefits in addition to covering enrollment fees and has no income requirement. It combines the LA College Promise and California's AB 19 (and in the future AB 2) "College Promise" benefits.

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