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The College Readiness Committee (CRC) is an Academic Senate committee that coordinates all activities related to the Basic Skills and Achieving the Dream Initiatives. 


The CRC examines policies, practices, and institutional culture with the goal of removing barriers to success for students.

MEMBERSHIP 12 Voting members:

  • Administrators (2)
  • Dean of Academic Affairs (co-chair)
  • Dean of DSPS
  • Faculty (6) (appointed by the appropriate Department Chair):
  • English
  • ESL
  • Developmental Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Counseling
  • Non-Credit
  • Associated Students Organization Representative
  • Learning Resource Center Director
  • Institutional Research Representative
  • Assessment Representative

Resource (nonvoting):

  • Library Representative
  • Financial Aid Representative
  • Admissions and Records Representative
  • Student Support Services Committee Representative
  • Equity Committee Rep
  • Student Support Services Program (3SP) Committee Rep


  • Dean of Academic Affairs
  • 1 faculty member elected from the Committee membership


The Committee is authorized to form ad hoc subcommittees or task forces as needed.


  • Oversee the coordination of Basic Skills and Achieving the Dream (AtD) Initiatives.
  • Basic Skills Initiative: faculty and staff development to improve curriculum, instruction, student services, and program practices in the areas of Basic Skills (including math, English and Developmental Communications) and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. Funds shall be expended for program and curriculum planning and development; student assessment; advisement and counseling services; supplemental instruction and tutoring; articulation; instructional material and equipment, and any other purpose directly related to the enhancement of basic skills, ESL instruction, and related student programs including support services from counseling.
  • Achieving the Dream: improve and achieve success in the focus areas of college readiness, community engagement, equity, faculty and staff development, financial literacy, student-centered support, and workforce preparation through data driven decision making.


The office of Academic Affairs shall serve as the resource for administrative support.


  • Review and evaluate all student activities related to the purpose of the committee.
  • Develop benchmarks and criteria for the allocation of various funds overseen by the CRC.
  • Develop, update, and oversee the implementation of funding criteria in accordance with the specific mandates of each initiative and grant.
  • Solicit and review funding requests for the Basic Skills Initiative and submit prioritized recommendations to the Academic Senate and the Vice-President of Academic Affairs.
  • It will be the responsibility of every member of the College Readiness Committee to attend each meeting and to adhere to the College Code of Conduct.  Members with three unexcused absences during any semester will be replaced from the appropriate constituency.
  • Members are responsible for disseminating committee information to their respective constituents.
  • Faculty and staff memberships are two-year terms.
  • Student membership is a one-year term.