TPP & UTF partnership

Our partnership with the Urban Teacher Fellowship (UTF) began in the spring of 2010 as we discussed planning stages and program requirements with South Bay Center for Counseling (SBCC).  UTF was created by SBCC and now has expanded across Los Angeles County as well as across California. Having already in place a Title V grant for teacher preparation at Los Angeles Mission College, our partnership with the Urban Teacher Fellowship was a natural fit for our campus and student population.


As of today, we have serviced 34 students in our existing cohort. All students in our current cohort seek to become educators in the K-12 sector and reside in local communities. One of the main goals of the UTF program is to diversify the teaching workforce in California, thus our students are being placed in after school jobs at local urban schools where they will learn to work and meet the needs of the student population. Mission College has provided this cohort with a summer bridge class where they participated in remedial math and English workshops, fieldtrips, guest speaker panels, and job placement workshops. This summer bridge class was also taken for college credit transferable to the CSU system and students were introduced to college policies and procedures. Currently our cohort is entering its fourth semester as they have been attending school continuously since the initial summer bridge course in 2010. 


Since we aim to ensure program completion in 2.5 years, we took advantage of the winter break to offer a Child Development class specifically designed for future teachers and only open to our cohort.  Presently the students in the UTF program are enrolled in 12 units with 4 of our students participating as cohort tutors.
Our students have show great accomplishments since they first began by improving their basic math and English skills and by adjusting to college life. The majority of our students are first generation college students without prior college familiarity. Also, many of our students do not receive the family support necessary to succeed in college, so it is up to our staff to keep students motivated and excited about their education.


Students have confided in us that if we were not available to help them out, they would have dropped out of school or never have even enrolled into college classes.   This program has allowed for us to construct a small learning community where all students feel a sense of belonging to the LA Mission College.