Articulation agreements, sometimes referred to as transfer course agreements, are the official course requirements between Los Angeles Mission College and colleges or universities to which you plan to transfer. Taking courses at LAMC that are articulated with courses at a university ensures that you are taking the right courses. LAMC has articulation agreements with a variety of institutions of higher education including the University of California (UC) campuses, California State University (CSU) campuses, and private and out-of-state colleges/universities.

Explore the articulation agreements below and meet with a LAMC Counselor to develop an educational plan. If you don't see an agreement with a college or university you are interested in, no worries, simply make an appointment with a LAMC Counselor and they will help you map out an educational plan to get you to the university of your dreams.

California State University and University of California Campuses

  • ASSIST is California's official statewide repository of transfer information for the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems, offering easy access to a single database of course transfer information. ASSIST will help you determine if you will receive credit for courses you've already taken or plan to take and how those courses will apply to a specific academic major or general education requirement.
  • CSU ADT Degree Search Tool: current list of CSU majors that have been deemed similar to an ADT degree

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