Discover How TRiO/SSS Can Help You Transfer

Posted on: 3/5/2021

Hispanic mom hugs college graduate son 

Discover How TRiO/SSS Can Help You Transfer

If your goal is to transfer to a four-year university, Student Support Services (SSS) can help you stay on track. TRiO/SSS is a federally funded program that provides resources to help students persist through college.


  • Counseling
  • One-on-One Tutoring in Math and English
  • Graduation and Transfer Assistance
  • Cultural Events and College Tours (will resume once the campus opens)

To qualify for SSS, students must meet one or more of these requirements:

  • First-Generation College Student (neither parent has a bachelor's degree)
  • Meet Income Guideline
  • Student with Disability

Please note: Academic needs will also be reviewed.

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