Computer Science Major Accepted to Snap Academy

Posted on: 7/10/2020

Computer Science Major Accepted to Snap Engineering Academy

Napoleon CernaLos Angeles Mission College student, Napoleon Cerna, was recently accepted to the Snap Engineering Academy.

Cerna, who is pursuing a Computer Science degree, will be part of a hands-on, 120-hour engineering training course for 15 community college students from Los Angeles.

All students will receive a stipend including travel expenses to participate in the academy. Each student will participate in custom, technical workshops, fireside chats and mentorship with Snap Inc. employees.

Cerna learned about the opportunity when Associate Professor of Computer Science, Milan Samplewala, sent an email to her students encouraging them to apply to the program.

Cerna's career goals include developing web applications that improve people’s lives. He said the program at LAMC is opening doors for him.

“LAMC helped me accomplish this by allowing me to take the web development classes needed to apply to the academy and the support and motivation to think this might be possible.”

Professor Samplewala, who is also vice chair of the Computer Science Information Technology program, said she had no doubts that Cerna would make the cut.

“You deserve this opportunity, Napoleon. Enjoy the academy.”

Cerna will also be receiving his Certificate of Achievement in the Full-Stack Web Developer program this summer.

To learn more about the Computer Science program, click here.

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