News Release
  November 28 , 2006


Well known for its excellent Culinary Arts Institute and the gourmet meals its students learn to prepare, Los Angeles Mission College will try something a little different.

The Sylmar community college will present “Live Longer, Look Younger and Lose Weight With Live Foods,” a lecture and demonstration of the increasingly popular live, or raw, food movement.

The event will feature a lecture by live foods advocate Dr. Ruthie Grant, followed by a meal of healthy raw, or uncooked, food prepared by Mission College Culinary Arts Institute chefs and students. The event is scheduled on December 6, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in Campus Center, 13356 Eldridge Ave., Sylmar.

The lecture-meal is open to the public. Cost is $12 per person.

Grant, an instructor at Mission College, suffers from lupus and had turned to a predominantly raw diet with success. But when she experienced new health problems about a year ago, she decided to go “100 percent raw,” as she put it. Since making the move to an entirely raw diet, the health problems have disappeared, she’s lost 15 pounds, and she feels better than ever, she said.

“So many people asked me how I did it that I began offering ‘live food’ workshops on my own,” said Grant. One such workshop drew 200 people. That prompted Grant to approach Culinary Arts Institute chefs and propose the expanded workshop featuring a full meal.

Grant said people often confuse raw food and vegetarian diets. While both exclude meat, “live” food is either uncooked or cooked at a lower temperature that allows it to maintain its natural nutrients.

Grant acknowledges that few people accustomed to cooked meals are ready to make the leap to raw food. It takes a special “trigger” to convince people to change. But Grant said the workshop will offer many nutritional suggestions, and even following just one or two may improve the health of any individual.

Examples of live food menus include raw lasagna or spaghetti, lettuce leaf tacos, pate made from sunflower seeds and pumpkins, fresh salsa, fruit juices, sushi made from almond paste, seaweed, and spices, “French fries” made from crumbled bread and zucchini, and, for dessert, coconut carob cake.

The Mission College Culinary Arts Institute already has begun to offer a live fruit juice bar and salads for students and staff and is considering adding some raw food items, Grant said.

For more information, contact Grant at (818) 833-3419.