Lab Info

We have 3 Multimedia Mac Labs which are available to our Multimedia students registered in coursework and a 1 unit lab class.

Lab 233 (LRC middle level) is a 26 station Mac lab
Lab 126 (LRC bottom level) is a 26 station Mac lab
Lab 106 (LRC bottom level) is our production studio

This course is designed to reinforce lectures presented in each art/multimedia class. Emphasis is placed on applying design principles to projects using selected computer applications.


1. Students will utilize and demonstrate the functions and applications of different software programs
as related to homework received in art/multimedia classes.
2. Students will differentiate the different functions related to saving, e-mailing, importing and
exporting files.
3. Students will differentiate the appropriate methods for creating effects specific to the project at
4. Students will demonstrate familiarity with the technical aspects of computer applications used to
design productions.
5. Students will use terminology used within a computer lab context.
6. Students will organize/catagorize files/folders in a systematic way.
7. Students will construct projects using various software applications.

Login hours spent in laboratory working on assigned projects from Art or MM classes. Ask tutors or
instructor for technical help when needed. Labs are open additional hours as posted outside each
classroom, you may complete your course work in any lab. 106, 126, or 233. Labs are also available
when classes are in session, ask the instructor if you may use available computer station. No food or
drinks are allowed in Labs.

Lab Schedule Spring 2017

Open Multimedia 500 Labs with Tutors

LRC - 126 - 10:00am to 6:00pm - Tutor = Priscilla & Crystal

LRC - 126 - 11:00am to 4:00pm - Tutor = Dave (Video/Photo/Sound)
(6pm to 10pm- check with Instructor to use Lab)

LRC - 126 - 10:00am to 6:00pm - Tutor = Priscilla & Crystal (graphics/web)

LRC - 233 - 1pm to 5:00pm - Tutor = Jay
(check with Instructor after 6pm to 10pm)


LRC - 233 - 10am to 3:00pm - Tutor = Jay