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Students who plan to earn a Bachelor's Degree should take a pattern of courses designed to complete the lower division preparation for their major and the general education pattern of the college to which they will transfer.

Los Angeles Mission College can provide the lower division preparation for most majors at most universities. For purposes of classification, who are paralleling the work of 4 year Colleges and Universities are indicated as "transfer students."

With careful planning, a student can complete the lower division preparation for most universities and complete the requirements for the Associate Degree simultaneously. Three principal kinds of requirements must be met in order to attain full junior standing at the University of California, the California State Universities, or independent universities which maintain equivalent standards to which students expect to transfer.

These requirements are the following
1. Completion of 60 transferable units, which must include the following: (60 units may be required at all independent universities).
2. Completion of the specific general education requirements for junior standing in the proposed college or university.
3. Completion of the lower division prerequisites for upper division majors and minors. These vary according to the institution of higher education in which students expect to enroll.
Note: students expecting to transfer to such institutions should contact the Los Angeles Mission College Transfer Center to see a counselor and consult the respective catalog of these institutions regarding specific requirements for upper division standing. Transfer students can also earn an associate degree while completing transfer requirements.

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